Expanse™ Project [EXP] Announces Launch of the Expanse Bond System (EBS)

February 7th, 2017 at 9:21 pm UTC · 2 min read

The Expanse Project announces the development and launch of a new reward system, Expanse Bond System (EBS). It incentivizes EXP.BOND buyers to hold their tokens for a pre-defined time period with the prospect of receiving EXP tokens as rewards. It is conceptually similar to traditional financial instrument bond systems, except that it uses EXP tokens instead of currency.

“Traditionally, bonds are investment tools used by companies and governments to raise capital. The EXP.BOND differs in that the capital raised from purchase of tokens only serves to incentivize holding Expanse—more like a self-funded, secured token savings account,”

said Christopher Franko, Expanse co-founder and lead developer.

“The objective is to incentivize buying and holding EXP off of the exchanges.”

EXP.BONDS cost 100 EXP, pay a coupon rate of 1 EXP per month, and have a maturity date of one year from the time of purchase. EXP.BONDS also have a multiplier for every 100 EXP used to purchase the bond.

“EBS uses only the native token of Expanse, and EXP.BONDS do not transfer into any other type of token or currency,”

Said James Clayton, Expanse co-founder and community manager.

“EBS is a unique blockchain-based token system and not a currency system. It uses only the Expanse Cloud and our own ecosystem—no other company or financial system is involved in any way whatsoever.”

EXP.BONDS are not transferrable; however, since they can be purchased in units as small as 100 EXP, they make ideal gifts for friends and family.

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