Exploring the Comprehensive Strength of KiKi Finance, at the Moment When the Staking Track Broke Out

June 13th, 2022 at 5:24 pm UTC · 4 min read

Exploring the Comprehensive Strength of KiKi Finance, at the Moment When the Staking Track Broke Out

As a way for investors to hold tokens to earn interest, and it is also the most indispensable part of the current DeFi design, Staking is widely known by crypto rookies and trading veterans.

At this time, KiKi Finance — a promising Staking star stands out, it is a Multi-chain Aggregated Staking Protocol dedicated to breaking the public chain barrier, continuously integrating Staking assets with high market value and high APR, allowing users to achieve multi-chain layout on one platform.

The core function of KiKi Finance is to provide a one-stop decentralized Staking service. Users complete node voting on chain through KiKi Finance to get high APR rewards.

In order to further improve the user’s income level ,KiKi Finance provides a high-yield liquidity mining pool in addition to the Staking. Users can obtain higher returns than ordinary Staking through the combination model of Staking+Farm.

Because of the natural attractiveness of this dual-income model, TVL exceeded $100 million in less than two months after the launch of KiKi Finance,and the TVL of LUNA staked by the platform alone is close to $90 million. Currently, KiKi Finance supports assets of Polkadot, Cosmos, Kusama, Terra2.0, etc. More assets will be launched from time to time, such as the FIL,new LUNA,ATOM,XPRT,SCRT,CASPER.

KiKi Finance team has been working on Staking node services for many years, serving head exchanges, investment institutions and whale customers for a long time, and maintaining more than 5000 nodes. It is precisely because of the leading node operation technology and years of experience in Staking Mining Pool that KiKi Finance has a very precise understanding of the industry and grasps the demands of users, and has launched a multi-chain aggregated Staking service with high market demand.

At present, KiKi Finance has received investment from many well-known venture capitals such as FBG CAPITAL, NGC Ventures, Huobi Ventures, CoinSummer and GEEKCARTEL, which will help KiKi Finance lay a good user foundation for the future development to a certain extent.

KiKi Finance are much more flexible, there is no minimum investment limit, the staking interface is also very simple, the staking assets and APR are all at a glance, which can meet the staking needs of users at all levels.

KiKi Finance not only has good node staking resources, but also chooses to benefit users, and the management fee charged is far lower than the industry level. This can help KiKi Finance better acquire users in the future. After all, under the same security level, the first goal of participating Staking users is to obtain higher revenues.

KiKi Finance makes full use of high yield to obtain token value. It adopts the combination of “Staking+Farm” to provide users with higher APY rewards of mainstream tokens than other platforms. This method encourages users to hold platform tokens for a long time, allowing the asset value to settle in the network, reducing the selling pressure on the secondary market to a certain extent.

KiKi Finance adds multiple application scenarios to KIKI through a well-designed economic model:

First, KIKI holders will have the opportunity to receive token airdrops from multiple staking projects on the platform to obtain revenues;

Second, KIKI can be used to purchase limited NFTs and game assets in the future as social tickets for KiKi Finance;

Third, KiKi Finance will set up KiKi DAO, where KIKI users can participate in voting to decide which projects can be listed on KiKi Finance in the future, and holders of geek spirit will also participate in the core content of KiKi Finance technology development.

KiKi Finance team will regularly repurchase KIKI with 80% of its income. The more the number of repurchases, the less circulating on the market. This sense of scarcity directly pushes up everyone’s imagination of KIKI’s value-added.

In summary, KiKi Finance is not inferior to the predecessors of of the Staking track in terms of comprehensive strength,and has its own advantages. KiKi Finance simplifies the steps for users to participate in Staking to the greatest extent and reduces the entry threshold for users to Staking. KiKi Finance effectively stabilizes the return on investment at more than twice the normal return rate through the token economic model, helping users add value and endowing tokens with more functions.

Thanks to the few safe and convenient staking products directly facing users, KiKi Finance can gain a firm foothold in the fast-growing market through differentiated services.

Exploring the Comprehensive Strength of KiKi Finance, at the Moment When the Staking Track Broke Out

At this stage, what KiKi Finance has to do is to polish the product of Staking to the extreme, so as to attract a large number of users and lay a solid foundation for its lofty vision. It is expected that in the increasingly fierce competition on the Staking track, KiKi Finance can stand out and occupy a certain share steadily.