Facebook Introduces Cloud Games on Desktop and Android but Ignores iOS

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Facebook Introduces Cloud Games on Desktop and Android but Ignores iOS
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Some people think Facebook intentionally ignored Apple as revenge for a previous comment made by the company concerning its privacy.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has announced the introduction of cloud games compatible with its desktop website and Android but ignores iOS for what is speculated to be a controversial feud. This means users can stream directly from the Facebook data center without going through the complex steps of downloading before accessing them. Users can now play free games while online without having to leave the network.

This decision comes soon after Facebook reportedly purchased PlayGiga, a Spanish cloud gaming startup for $78 million. The provided games are said to be less console-quality as they are nothing but versions of already available games that can be downloaded on phone. This means users can now play games like Asphalt 9: Legends, and PGA TOUR Golf Shootout on their touchscreen or with a mouse.

According to Jason Rubin, the Vice President of Special Gaming Initiatives of Facebook, this initiative will reach the masses as users are not required to pay upfront or need a controller to play the cloud games.

The cloud games would be accessible in the coming week with only the residents of Massachusetts, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas eligible to play. These are regions located close to the Facebook data center.

According to Rubin, they will expand the accessibility to a wider region in no time. Developers who upload their games on Facebook will have access to a huge user base as games would be played within advertisements. In terms of the revenue share, Facebook will obtain 30% of revenue while developers obtain a 70% share when a user purchases through a cloud game.

Apple and Facebook War Affecting iOS and Cloud Games

Several people think Facebook intentionally ignored Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) as revenge for a previous comment made by the company concerning its privacy. Facebook claims that Apple’s arbitrary policies strictly prohibited them from making cloud games accessible to iOS users.

In 2018, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook criticized how Facebook handles users’ privacy after 87 million data were accessed on Facebook in the Cambridge Analytical Scandal.

Facebook also responded by questioning the Apple App Store Policies. They have been throwing shades at each other since the initial encounter. Just a month ago, Apple modified the guidelines of its gaming services having said Apps could give a subscription to many games. However, each of the games in question must first be approved by Apple and also be provided in its App. Rubin who indicated that ignoring Apple was not a foul play would have to consider the apple technology, however, the platform is not optimized for cloud games.

In a conversation with Apple, they said they have had a discussion with Facebook to provide them with helpful feedback in a bid to get their Apps to be within the required iOS Apple Store guidelines. Interestingly, Rubin played down the comment made by Apple. The official Facebook account also told users that they would have to use the Facebook App on Android as the iOS will not work for now.

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