Famous Football Player Hal Robson-Kanu Invests in Sandcoin Project in Russia

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Famous Football Player Hal Robson-Kanu Invests in Sandcoin Project in Russia
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Famous football player Hal Robson-Kanu joins the list of famous crypto enthusiasts investing into the Russian real industrial sector.

Hal Robson-Kanu, English Premier League and Wales national team player, recently joined the ranks of investors of the Sandcoin project. Apparently, the sportsman is familiar with cryptocurrency as well as similar assets’ markets and monitors them regularly. This time he expressed interest in Sandcoin ICO.

According to Ruslan Pichugin, CEO of Sandcoin, he held the telephone conversation with Robson-Kanu and received an invitation to London to conduct further negotiations. Being also familiar with the construction business, Mr. Robson-Kanu’s intention to invest in Sandcoin is based on a confidence that Russia is a promising market in this regard.

In London, Sandcoin representatives met with the famous player, top managers and agents in the football industry, who also expressed interest in the project. According to Robson-Kanu, he is has already been investing in the market for several years and doesn’t plan to stop in the near future.

The Ethereum-based Sandcoin project tokenizes assets from the real industrial sector. The source of the construction materials is a sand quarry located 60 kilometers from Moscow and 10 kilometers from the construction site of the central ring road. The mining will be carried out on a site of more than 100 hectares in Moscow Oblast.

According to geological analysis, the estimation of the quarry potential is at least 14.4 million square meters of sand. A licence for the development of this site has been obtained from the Russian Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency. The preparatory work, which includes construction of the necessary infrastructure is scheduled from October 2017 to April 2018. The mining operations at the quarry are planned to be carried out in May 2018. Over the following  two years, the Sandcoin team plans to develop a second quarry for sand production.

One project’s token SND is equal to one cubic meter of building sand. The cost of one m3 of construction sand is $5-5.5. At the crowdsale, the price of an SND token was $1.25-2.00. At the preliminary stage of attracting investment, Sandcoin attracted 1500 Ethereum (about $450,000). There will be 3,170,000 SND tokens emitted for sale in the ICO. The company plans to attract about $4 million investment.

The project team expects the value of a SND token increase four times in 2018 in comparison with the current ICO price. The buyout of tokens will begin in the summer of the mentioned year. The company plans to buy 10% of the existing SND tokens annually.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robson-Kanu is  far from being the first celebrity, expressing interest in crypto economy. Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather, Luis Suarez, and Paris Hilton have already taken part in blockchain startup’s promotion.

In such a way, Jamie Foxx promoted Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Cobinhood, a zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange; the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, one of the most active ICO supporters, advertised ICO for the Centra project, which allows users to spend virtual currency by using its same-named card and digital wallet;  Luis Suarez showed his interest in Stox, an open source, Bancor based prediction market platform; and Paris Hilton announced her decision to take part in a crowdsale of Lydian, a new platform that merges blockchain technology with AI driven digital advertising services.

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