Fat Cake: Reinventing the Way of Automated Reflections and Social Media Content Creation

August 6th, 2021 at 8:30 am UTC · 4 min read

Fat Cake: Reinventing the Way of Automated Reflections and Social Media Content Creation

Fat Cake has recently unveiled its new website and shared a glimpse of their trading application. Built to help sustainable businesses, Fat Cake has a one-of-its-kind mechanism regarding reward distribution and passive income generation. Its yield-generating contract system ensures hefty awards for the token holders due to the unique dividend-paying token standard, called reflections. Another source of reflections sent to the holders comes in the form of app revenue from its Frosting Social, a content creation application working as a not-for-profit organization. Frosting Social is also the first decentralized social media app, on its way to set up some new standards on how people engage with each other.

Different Types of Reflections for the Holders

Every transaction on Fat Cake is taxable to the amount of 15%. Every $FatCake holder receives a reward from this tax transaction. 10% of the taxed amount is converted and distributed to the holders, which gives the motivation to buy and hold more CAKE in the wallets.

3% of the taxed transaction money is sent to a marketing wallet, and it will be used for marketing, airdrops, and giveaways. 2% of the amount is sent to a liquidity pool. The redistribution is powered by the Dividend-Paying token standard system, which equally divides and splits the CAKE proportionally.

This way, the users with more $FatCake will get more CAKE. Another reflection sent to the holder’s wallet is in the form of app revenue generated by Frosting Social. It is a content creation subscription-based platform built by FatCake.

Users holding $FatCake in their wallets will get a share of the revenue from the Frosting app. As the first crypto-based social application, Frosting Social gives a dedicated platform to content creators. They can post stories, take live sessions, and sell NFTs from the application. The Frosting NFT designers will create NFTs for the content creators, which they can sell and promote in their network.

By supporting content creators and, $FatCake holders, this becomes a unique way of charity-led platform with a not-for-profit organization working alongside.  The rewards and reflections will be accessible to every user from the dashboard.

The Fat Cake dashboard is one of the most innovative portals to be built. Not only it helps track the rewards, the users can also access their earnings, wallet, payouts, and even find an estimate to their future earnings by helping them scope buys and sales in contrast to the rewards.

Secure and Systematic Way of Doing Things

Fat Cake works on the basis of an automated system that ensures equal and fair rewards for the users. The fully automated process works on a dynamic process by giving equal benefit to every user based on their wallet balance and transaction size.

There is a queue-based system, which saves the user’s reflections until they have the minimum amount to pay the gas fee. Other than this, there is no minimum amount required to receive the reflections.

After the pre-sale, Fat Cake has been listed on PanCakeSwap and can be purchased against USDT, BUSD, and BNB, along with other assets. Seeing to the security requirements, FatCake has anti-whale systems and a maximum transaction limit to protect the user’s interest and value of the token from dipping abruptly.

As a result, there is no whale manipulation adding to the preventive layers of protection, ensuring investor’s security and investment.

About Fat Cake

Fat Cake is a reflection (reward) generating token platform with an automated distribution system. It combines effective reward generation with crypto-based social media platforms to build a sustainable and popular earning mechanism for users and content creators. The users will earn passive income by holding $FatCake in the wallets with automated reward reflection and by receiving dividends from the Frosting Social application’s revenue. It’s a unique platform with an innovative approach to promote good content and help creators earn, engage, and promote their content on social media.


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