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Fiduxa New Blockchain-Based Platform Challenges the Recruitment Industry

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Fiduxa New Blockchain-Based Platform Challenges the Recruitment Industry
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Fiduxa Project is to disrupt the current structure of recruitment industry with its very new platform benefiting both employers and job-seekers.

Fiduxa Project, an innovative startup based in Dubai, is proud to introduce the world its new blockchain-based platform after years of intense preparation for launch. The Fiduxa Project aims to both simplify and transform the recruitment process, challenging the issues that currently surround the recruitment industry.

Being backed by blockchain technology, the Fiduxa platform guarantees secure storage for all digital records kept within it, granting the potential employers with easy access to the database. Such an innovative approach significantly decreases the time and cost associated with the recruitment process.

One of the biggest cornerstones of the recruitment industry is connected with time delays caused by gathering and verifying job applicants career documents. These delays often result in significant amounts of money, overpayed by both companies and potential applicants. As a solution, Fiduxa offers a decentralized blockchain-based platform which opens easy access to reliable information of potential employees job history, decreasing the operational costs for employers and response time for job-seekers.

Firstly, job-seekers upload their career documents onto the system where they can proceed to certify and normalize their skills based on international standards. After that, this information will be open for potential employers looking for new applicants. The platform allows them to search through a standardized model, and verify skills based on third-party certifications.

Through each stage of the process, Fiduxa uses smart contracts for verification. The blockchain technology championed by the platform ensures the database securely stores and shares data from all parties.

The estimated value of the recruitment industry is $550 billion USD. Fiduxa is looking for an innovative way to disrupt the current structure and make it more secure and faster. Fiduxa also has plans to facilitate the process of career documents verification for employers, as the platform positions itself as the single source of truth for digital documents.

Fiduxa have launched their own coin, the FDU alongside their recruitment platform. It allows users to earn money from merely storing their data. The FDU will be the official currency of the Fiduxa platform. Users will be awarded FDU tokens when certifying their skills and competencies, while employers will pay with FDU to obtain access to this data.

Those wishing to use the new Fiduxa platform can register on the company’s official website as a new member of the community. Subscription to any of Fiduxa’s official social media pages allows access to their latest news, as well as the next steps of platform development. Those who participate in the Affiliate Program can share related information with friends while receiving an additional 5% bonus on the platform. By contributing before the March 12, users can receive a 40% bonus.

Fiduxa hopes to address the market failures of the recruitment industry while assisting it into rapid expansion. According to the predictions of business analysts, Fiduxa will play a major role in the recruitment market.

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