First Batch of U.S. Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Released, the Rest Will Be Processed Later

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First Batch of U.S. Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Released, the Rest Will Be Processed Later
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Over 80 million U.S citizens are set to receive the coronavirus stimulus checks in their bank accounts in the nearest days, the next batch of the checks will be sent later on.

After a long wait, all eligible U.S. citizens started receiving the coronavirus stimulus checks into their bank accounts from yesterday, April 15. This is according to a post from CNBC which reported that over 80 million Americans would get the coronavirus stimulus check deposited into their bank accounts as from yesterday.

It went further to note that for those eligible citizens who have not yet gotten theirs, it’s in the process of being finalized. However, it may take months if the personal details are not

U.S. Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

The first batch of U.S. coronavirus stimulus checks was automatically released by the federal government into the bank accounts of those who filed the 2018 or 2019 and received a tax refund through their bank accounts.

All social security retirements and also the disability beneficiaries will automatically receive their check payments. However, for those who do not file tax returns and have not provided their bank details with the taxman, their checks are yet to be processed, and they may take months.

In a bid to be transparent, all Americans can track their payment with the new Internal Revenue Service, ‘Get My Payment’ tool. The service is live, at the moment, however, due to an overload of traffic, you might have to keep checking after a while.

IRS spokesperson, Luis Garcia, told users that the tool needed more information to process the inquiries if still, nothing happens, it means their status was not available. He added:

“Just be patient. If you filed last year’s or this year’s taxes we have your information.”

He went further to explain that for those who the IRS does not have their direct bank account information but filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019, they can use the tool to submit their details. This will speed up the process and you will receive your check faster.

Individual American citizens will get $1,200, for a married couple will be double that of an individual and for every qualifying child will be $500. The IRS warned people to be aware of scammers who want to take advantage of the situation. This is because the IRS will never request personal information by mail, text or via social media.

The impact of the coronavirus is still a huge threat to the greater world in the long term. With the uncertainty still ruling the day, the check will have to be used wisely and only for essential needs. More layoffs and pay cut might be lurking ahead, it is prudent to save for the rainy days.

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