Fish.Pro Completes Decentralized Exchange Upgrade, Begins Token Trading

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Fish.Pro Completes Decentralized Exchange Upgrade, Begins Token Trading
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Asides from the DEX, the firm has also opened the trading of the Whale Fall token, on the exchange.

Crypto trading platform Fish.Pro has announced that the upgrade of its decentralized exchange (DEX) is now complete. This was done in furtherance of the project’s mission to provide a better decentralized ecosystem to users.

The decentralized exchange was made inaccessible for some time to allow a comprehensive upgrade of the system. The move was in a bid to provide users with a richer transactional experience and to bring even more diversity to the platform. With the upgrade and optimization complete, users will enjoy two additional features; data query, and agent trading.

With data query, sundry information needed by the trader to make informed decisions is now available. Data such as market data, token details, market quotation charts, link to listed tokens, price and quantity accuracy, token offering price, issuance amount, token in circulation, etc., are all available to the user.

Again, with agent trading, major decentralized exchanges have been integrated into the Fish.Pro platform. With this, users can enjoy a seamless transaction of their digital assets from wallet to wallet without third-party intervention.

In addition, traders will have access to a larger pool of tokens (across all the linked exchanges). The convenience of token transactions has attracted many other NTF tokens, such as REVV, FARA,  etc. to the platform. This is done all the time while guaranteeing a high level of security (since transactions are completely on-chain).

The Whale Fall Token

Asides from the DEX, the firm has also opened the trading of the Whale Fall token, on the exchange. This unique offering was developed with inspiration from the whale fall. The whale fall happens within the ocean and results in vast ecosystems of marine organisms who all benefit from the carcasses.

For every WHALE token supplied, 5% is airdropped while another 5% is added to the liquidity pool. Yet again, according to tokenomics, 50% of the initial volume of tokens in circulation will be burned to reduce supply, and drive up the price of the token. This will enable holders to make more profit with their tokens.

The DEX Zone is a melting pot for projects and users. With the WHALE fall, the platform can achieve a balance between value and risk, and ultimately, this should drive more users to the platform.

Beyond Cryptocurrency Trading

The Fish.Pro platform has applications beyond cryptocurrency trading. The hub features mini-programs with varying levels of functionality and use cases for cryptocurrency. Mini-programs like fishpool, Newboard, trading game program, Newland has launched, more mini-programs of NFT are coming.

Utilizing the platform helps to simplify Dapps for users. It can also cause improved user experience, increase traffic for project sponsors, and help in listing more altcoins on the platform.

Some of the platform highlights include the Axie Co-player for processing and accepting order, Newland for farming new tokens, and the Ronin Deposit and Withdraw function to make it easy to withdraw or deposit large amounts.

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