January 12th, 2022 at 1:14 pm UTC · 2 min read


Flickto continues to showcase exactly why it is a project worth investing in as its native token, FLICK, has now officially been listed by ADAX.Pro Centralized Exchange (CEX). Flickto can be thought of as the decentralized launchpad in charge of giving media financing to Cardano’s blockchain. In layman’s terms, Flickto wants to put the average person closer to the whole financing process of numerous media initiatives while also providing them power over which projects are funded.

With 2 highly successful IDO rounds, Flickto is now proud to announce that FLICK can be bought, sold and traded via the aforementioned ADAX CEX. 

Listing on ADAX CEX

ADAX CEX is one of the top up and coming cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and it is built upon Cardano’s blockchain. The CEX and launchpad aims to become the most powerful hub for trading within Cardano’s ecosystem, and so the listing of FLICK on this exchange is sure to be of great benefit to Flickto.

As per the latest developments, the listing pairs shall be FLICK/USDT and FLICK/ADA, with ADA being the official native token of Cardano itself. KYC (Know-Your Customer) requirements are not needed for trading purposes either, so traders can get started immediately.

A Milestone Accomplishment

Concerning the relationship with Flickto and the IDO public sale round, this is the first public sale and IDO presented by ADAX, and it will be conducted via their respective launchpad. It goes without saying that this is a big milestone for both Fickto and  ADAX, since it will help to improve the Cardano ecosystem. It will also grant access to all kinds of innovative features for the Flickto community in the near future.

As to why ADAX is such a big deal, its users can undertake smart contract-based transactions promptly and at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred if the Ethereum network had been used instead. Also, the price of the main public sale round will be $0.01 whereas it was $0.009 for the priority round. The tokens will additionally remain locked until July 1st, 2022. More information along with regular updates can be found via Twitter and the official website.