For ‘World of Tanks’ Fans: WOTcoin Can be Used for Purchasing Any ‘In-Game’ Items

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For ‘World of Tanks’ Fans: WOTcoin Can be Used for Purchasing Any ‘In-Game’ Items
Newborn digital currency promises the opportunity to purchase in-game currency, gold, in the world's famous MMO 'World of Tanks' for wotcoins. Photo:

The team of Word of Tanks players created a new cryptocurrency, WOTcoin, which can be used for game purposes.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly: during the last few months lots of new digital coins have been appearing. And now, please, meet the WOTcoin, a new cryptocurrency made for the well-known game World of Tanks. It is a first cryptocurrency which is joined to real application.

Wotcoin can be spent on the ingame money and items. The creators are planning to open an exchange to change WOTcoin into WOT’s gold or directly into the items that can be purchased for gold. The crew of enthusiasts see the possibility to connect the worlds of cryptocurrencies and games.

WOTcoin team is considering the possibility of working with European, USA and Russian gamers. Unfortunately for them, the Chinese market is unavailable for them due to the local peculiarities. If the thing will work, there is a potential of 80 million people, who play World of Tanks and may start using the currency.

The most interesting part is that, the company that launched World of Tanks and several follow-ups, is not involved in the process of WOTcoin creation and might be not aware of it. The project is completely provided by the group of enthusiasts, and this causes mistrust of other users, who are allegating that it can be a fraud.

Nevertheless, the team works on their project inspiringly and had already created the wallets for Windows, Linux and iOS.

You can read on the technical specifications of WOTcoin on its website.

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