Forbes Names the Highest Paid Hollywood Actors and Actresses in 2019

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Forbes Names the Highest Paid Hollywood Actors and Actresses in 2019
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Forbes has revealed the names of the highest-paid actors and actresses in the fiscal year 2018/2019. Dwayne Johnson and Scarlett Johansson are in the first lines in their categories.

Forbes has listed Dwayne Johnson, alias the Rock, as the highest-paid Hollywood actor while Scarlett Johansson held the highest-paid position for the actresses. The report which compiled the Hollywood participant’s earning between the fiscal year 2018 and 2019, listed the top ten earners in both the male and female categories. 

According to the report, the Rock bagged a whopping $89.4 million collectively while Scarlett earned a total of $56 million. The rock accumulated his earnings from the upfront salary paid for Jumanji and from the HBOs series Ballers that paid $23.5 million and $700,000 respectively.

 In both categories, the top ten list had the participants with millions of dollars, a clear indication of the vast market that has driven the entertainment industry worldwide for a long period.

With production companies like Netflix and HBO striving to compete and remain relevant in the market, paying their actors and actress a good remuneration has been of topmost interest. This has been collectively good for them as the results have been their stock ever rising.

Male Top Ten List According to Forbes

The male actors had a higher pay rate despite the list provided including earnings before tax reduction. According to Forbes, Will Smith closed the top ten with total earnings that year adding up to $35 million.

The ninth position was taken by Paul Rudd with $41 million, the eighth position was taken by Chris Evans with $43.5 million, and Adam Sandler tied with Bradley Cooper on number seven with $57 million each and also closing the bottom five.

Opening the top five was the legend Jackie Chan with $58 million, followed by Akshay Kumar with $65 million on the fourth position. The third runner’s up position was taken by Robert Downey Jr with a total earning of $66 million. The second runner’s up position was taken by Chris Hemsworth who took home a total of $76.4 million.

Female Top Ten List According to Forbes

Similarly, as the female actors were listed by Forbes according to the total earnings before tax reduction. The tenth position was taken up by Ellen Pompeo who took home $22 million, the ninth position taken up by Charlize Theron with $23 million.

The eighth position was taken up by Morgot Robbie who took home $23.5 million, then followed by Elisabeth Moss with $24 million on the seventh position. Kaley Cuoco topped the bottom five with $25 million.

Jenifer Aniston took the fifth position with $28 million while Nicole Kidman took the fourth position with $34 million. The third runner’s up position was taken up by Reese Witherspoon with $35 million while Sofia Vergara took the second position with $44.1 million.

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