Free-to-Play Crypto Mining Game Ether Kingdoms Concludes Beta Testing

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Free-to-Play Crypto Mining Game Ether Kingdoms Concludes Beta Testing
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The world’s first Free-to-Play crypto mining game Ether Kingdoms has finished its beta-testing and opens up new horizons for future development.

Ether Kingdoms, the world’s first Free-to-Play crypto mining game is emerging out of a successful phase of beta testing to introduce a new, unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) style gaming. Different from other alternatives, Ether Kingdom features full gameplay with clever visuals based on its native PoS token, Imps (IMP).

Imps are in-game tokens which allow players to generate actual money. Players can earn up to 1% every day as mining rewards, by sending the maximum number of 10,000 imps to their mines. To help them achieve this target, all players receive a game master node guaranteeing them consistent profit.

Imps can also be sent to do battle with imps owned by other players via the ‘Fight’ option. Players specify the number of imps to fight and wait for their challenge to be accepted by others. All battles are automatically decided but winning chances are enhanced by equipping imps with artifacts. These are ERC721 tokens, giving Ether Kingdoms its collectibility factor. They can already be found selling on special platforms like OpenSea or exchanged with other players. Artifacts are used to participate in weekly leaderboards or traded and bought.

In the August release, new game content has been added, such as over 25 artifacts, support for 120+ levels, artifact loot boxes purchase functionality, new quest chains and more. Additionally, CryptoKitties tokens are now available in the game as pets with game bonuses. A second airdrop is also commencing, giving away up to 220 IMPs to every player.

Fresh out of Beta, Ether Kingdoms will enjoy further growth and development with new features to come in fall and winter including PvP modes, clan battles, special group locations, local and global bosses, new rechargeable ERC721 artifacts and 50% reduced mining rates. Only 50 players will receive the unique artifact guaranteeing a max 1% mining profit!

By early next year, a mobile version of the game will be ready for release. Although crypto tokens will not be available on mobile due to store restrictions, all artifacts earned in mobile will work in the browser version.

Ether Kingdoms launched without any token sale or coin offering, with basic marketing and development from the team’s own funds. Instead 13 million IMPs will be released over a distribution period, so that 15% will be reserved for the team and future development fund, 10% will be allocated for leaderboards and airdrops, and 75% will be generated via mining.

The IMP token is now available on the open market via crypto exchanges Forkdelta and Mercatox, with further listings to be expected on other exchanges. They can also be collected for free during airdrops and mined in game.

The airdrop of IMP makes it Free-to-Play, with the second airdrop round on August 24 released as a quest chain, awarding loot boxes with IMPs and possibly artifacts to players for each completed quest.

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