FTX Enters into 7-Year Partnership with League of Legends Esports Series

FTX Enters into 7-Year Partnership with League of Legends Esports Series

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FTX Enters into 7-Year Partnership with League of Legends Esports Series
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FTX crypto exchange will be sponsoring the league of legends esports series for the next seven years.

FTX is all set to sponsor the leading League of Legends esports series for the next seven years. The crypto exchange had recently announced a $210M pact with one of the major LCS teams called TSM FTX.

The following sponsorship will allow the crypto exchange to broadcast its branding throughout the game and major sports events from this weekend onwards.

FTX and the League of Legends Esports Series: Sponsorship Deal

FTX has announced its partnership with Riot Games to sponsor the League of Legends esports series in a seven-year deal. According to the partnership clauses, FTX’s branding will appear on all major game and sports events beginning from this weekend forth for the next seven years. Apart from this FTX will exclusively publicize their in-game gold currency as well as the amount of gold each player has acquired and accumulated throughout their matches.

The crypto exchange has also stated that they will be sponsoring an award for the most improved player in the league as a part of their sponsorship program. According to media sources, this will be the first-ever pact signed and sealed by Riot Games which will span the longest sponsorship duration to date. The company was approached to provide further details on the current deal but has refused to comment on any developing financial details.

FTX is known to have established a stable brand image in the domain of esports. The crypto exchange has been incessantly pursuing plans to expand its work operations and has recently announced a 10 year deal with a prominent esports club team called the SoloMid. After the acquisition, the team was popularly known as TSM FTX and is accredited as one of the major esports club teams of LCS.

Soon after the announcement of the impending alliance was made live, it was disclosed that the riot games will have special rights to exercise certain limitations on TSM FTX,as per the reports of dot esports. According to the clauses of the deal, Riot Games will have full liberty to regulate the FTX branding in a limited manner during international broadcasts in countries where crypto is still treated as a strict regulatory asset.

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