Fuse and NexusPay Team Up to Enhance Crypto Payments for African Users

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by Chimamanda U. Martha · 2 min read
Fuse and NexusPay Team Up to Enhance Crypto Payments for African Users
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Fuse Network, a decentralized network compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), has announced a strategic partnership with NexusPay to revolutionize cryptocurrency payment systems.

This partnership aims to provide seamless and efficient digital asset transactions for users in Africa.

In a statement, Fuse highlighted that the collaboration with NexusPay will leverage both companies’ strengths to address the drawbacks of traditional financial systems.

The deal will see both companies work together to provide necessary tools for users in unbanked and underbanked regions in Africa and other parts of the world to participate in the emerging economy.

Building on FuseBox Web SDK

Fuse disclosed that NexusPay was built using its FuseBox Web SDK, designed to help software developers create applications within the crypto ecosystem.

The platform focuses on making digital assets and stablecoins – cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a stable value relative to reserve assets such as the US dollar – more accessible worldwide, particularly in remote regions.

The partnership between Fuse and NexusPay is mutually beneficial. While NexusPay expands access to digital assets for all users, including those on the Fuse network, Fuse will ensure users get the best transaction fees.

As a one-stop solution for Account Abstraction (AA) apps, Fuse will also offer a seamless trading experience for saving, sending, and receiving funds globally.

“Fuse is at the forefront of finance in blockchain, and their robust platform is well-suited for innovative solutions. We are confident that partnering with Fuse is the right move to make financial services more accessible and efficient for users across Africa,” said Griffins Oduol and Nashons Agate, founders of NexusPay.

Fiat to Crypto Conversion

Additionally, users will have the opportunity to convert their fiat currencies to digital dollars (stablecoins) through the NexusPay mobile app. Both companies plan to enhance non-custodial finance, reducing costs and risks while improving transaction volume and overall user experience.

Fuse believes that by combining the strengths of both companies and leveraging their expertise, they are introducing a pathway for “effortless and inclusive crypto transfers.”

Meanwhile, Fuse has been around since 2020 and the platform significantly contributed to the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Earlier this month, Fuse secured another strategic partnership with Layer3, a blockchain identity protocol that offers users the opportunity to discover new projects and earn rewards for their on-chain activities.

Last month, Fuse also collaborated with Avail, another blockchain protocol, to transform the crypto economy with modular, scalable, and interoperable solutions.

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