GAEX Starts Shining In Blockchain Game Industry

August 10th, 2018 at 9:22 pm UTC · 5 min read

Many visitors who attended the Expo in Amsterdam at that time have noticed a special name when strolling along the booths, and that name is GAEX.

What is GAEX? You find no answer in your dictionary for this name. But recently it appears again in the GAMENODE Conference that held in Moscow on July 20th to 22nd. This time, it dives directly into the deep sea of the blockchain game industry in Russia and positively present itself to the Russian blockchain game industry.

What is GAEX after All?

GAEX, as, is the Game Asset EXchange for blockchain games powered by BIT GAME Foundation, and this is where the name comes from. As the core part of BIT.GAME Project, GAEX serves blockchain games and its vertical fields. It strives to be the innovator of blockchain game industry by providing technical support and professional service for game projects. consists of 3 parts, as Trade Centre, Game Centre, and Quiz Centre. GAEXers could not only conduct transactions of crypto currencies or other game assets, but also find more blockchain games, as well as participate in events to get bonus in All the tokens listed in are blockchain game tokens as well as tokens of strategic partners, including Matrix AI Network, Elastos, Achain, TrustNote, Aurora, IP Chain etc.

So, What Makes GAEX Distinguished from Other Exchanges?

GAEX directly helps all game projects overcome 2 main barriers that other exchanges pay the least attention, that are circulation barrier and technical barrier.

Quite a number of blockchain games could only list their tokens in exchanges after waiting for a long time and paying extremely high entrance fees, and even though they succeed with that, they are still confronted with subsequent trouble such as installing a digital wallet, managing the public key and private key, transferring digital tokens etc.

For technical barrier, it takes time and money for game developers to learn blockchain technology. advanced public chains haven’t provided standard API for game developers, also, blockchain games of data-mapping phase need professionals to make risk control.

So here comes the BIT.GAME solution. There is no listing token fee for blockchain game projects when listing tokens in BIT.GAME Project provide off-chain circulation solution for blockchain games to help them make easier transformation with no previous problems, together with its standard API for game developers to publish game assets and help with professional risk control.

While mentioning, there’s a special feature that should not be missed. That is the Galaxy Mining System. Galaxy is symbolized as BIT.GAME token, BGX, and other tokens of its strategic partners that have all been put into the mining pool.

BIT GAME Project is the world’s first project that applies this mining system in games. There are totally 3.8 billion BGX, 22 thousand ELA from Elastos and 1 million MAN from Matrix AI Network in the mining pool at the moment for all GAEXers to mine tokens both when playing blockchain games and when conducting transactions in

The best part that BIT.GAME presents in the whitepaper is the sense of proportion and tempo of pace. Unlike other projects, they divide blockchain projects into 3 phases, as Data Mapping Phase (asset on-chain), Decentralized Data Phase (data on-chain) and Decentralized Content Phase (content on-chain), and have made specific plans and resolutions for each phase. This strategy layout is much more reliable than those projects who claim to solve all issues in one bite.

For blockchain game progress, GAEX has already listed NASH in NASH is the crypto currency for the large online multi-player sandbox blockchain game, called Neoworld. It is a 3D virtual world where everything is created by players.

Kelvin Wong, COO of BIT.GAME Foundation, said:

“More games will be released very soon in August and September. August is the ‘GAEX Game Month’ for us, it means that quite a number of new token pairs will be launched on GAEX in August, including game token pairs. Meanwhile, we’ve also released the ELA market on in August to celebrate Elastos’s first anniversary.”

Kelvin said:

“There will be quite a number of blockchain games that would be transplanted onto our strategy partners’ blockchain, as we would like to grow with all members and partners and build the blockchain game ecosystem collectively. We have much confidence on it, we’ll hold global meetups in several countries to introduce our blockchain game projects and by this year, and welcome more game projects to cooperate with us!”

Just as its slogan says, Strive to Be the Innovator of Game Industry. BIT.GAME is sure to enjoy a bright future. Days will come when BIT.GAME offers great opportunities for game players, technology groups, funding parties, and community members to share dividends brought by blockchain games. Come and join the GAEX family to get free airdrop tokens Now!



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