Galaxy+ On-chain Trading Platform Built, Leading and Decoding Future of Nodes

Place/Date: - August 14th, 2020 at 10:33 am UTC · 3 min read
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Galaxy+ On-chain Trading Platform Built, Leading and Decoding Future of Nodes

On August 16, 2020, the Global HDU Technology Community Alliance founded by Asia Pacific Digital Technology Alliance LLC File, Ripple’s former core underlying technical team, and many technical geeks in the blockchain field, innovatively built HDU’s first authorized node Galaxy+ on-chain trading platform, which fully follows the “on-chain” principle of the blockchain, continues to develop the expandability of a fair, safe, and shared trading platform, and is committed to giving each node rights and developing platform value based on “technology”, so as to open a new era of blockchain node application.

About Ecological Value

With transactions, technology, mining pools, algorithms, and communities as the platform’s ecological development directions, on the one hand, Galaxy+ meets users’ digital asset transaction investment needs, and can also quickly help multi-currency compliant on the chain; on the other hand, it will also serve as an important entrance of encryption world to provide a high visual standard for the incubation and review of subsequent nodes.

Galaxy+ On-chain Trading Platform Built, Leading and Decoding Future of Nodes

About Platform Security

  • Fund security: Galaxy+ on-chain trading platform adopts an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. The design of multi-layer architecture has greatly improved the performance, security, stability and expandability of the system. The Ripple’s RXTP underlying protocol adopted by Galaxy+ was born for block finance. All protocols are automatically performed on the chain and cannot be tampered with, ensuring the security of end users’ assets.
  • No market risk: Based on HDU’s bottom layer, adhering to the principles of scientific calculation, fairness and justice, and benefiting all, Galaxy+ has a low access threshold and no locked position. At the same time, it also sets a jumping ranking reverse weighted algorithm (the best currency holding rule) for calculation of currency holding power, which can fundamentally solve the phenomenon of market monopoly caused by the huge amount of currency held by platform players, and effectively avoid the occurrence of “gray rhinoceros” and “black swan” events in the market.

The Galaxy+ on-chain trading platform follows HDU’s consensus link mining mechanism, that is, value and sharing mean value. Everyone here is a communicator and a beneficiary. A number of consensus links will form the most stable value system. In essence, it solves the main contradiction between the employer and the employee, makes the reform of productive relations possible technologically, and almost automatically and technologically allocates labor value for the first time according to the centralized supply of means of production and the labor and contribution in the production process, once again proving that technology is the primary productive force.

Each user is an independent subject in Galaxy+. On the one hand, they continue to revolve around the underlying consensus while being benefited from multiple platforms including HDU. On the other hand, each node can complete the realization and sublimation of self-worth with the help of Galaxy+ or HDU’s bottom layer.

Just as the universe gives birth to the Galaxy, and the Galaxy also gives birth to countless stars, in the future, Galaxy+ will also be composed of large and small stars with the same consensus. Although there is no centralized rule, the same strong consensus is adhered to for circulation in an orderly manner in Galaxy+.