Adds Litecoin

February 3rd, 2018 at 12:00 pm UTC · 1 min read

Leading crypto gambling affiliate expands its offering to Litecoin. The company had previously monitored and reviewed crypto gambling sites that are focused on Bitcoin.

Due to recent customer feedback, the company has decided to expand its operations to Litecoin. Company spokesperson Matt Beardsley explained, “We have seen the popularity of Litecoin rise recently in gaming and gambling environments. The rising popularity might bring some unethical entities to the Litecoin community. Our job is to sort out the bad apples.”

The team behind boasts years of expertise in online gambling. That combined with fresh talents in crypto allows the company to screen and monitor gambling operators with unprecedented accuracy.

In addition to finding the most trustworthy gambling operators in crypto gaming, the company cares about its customers’ coins as well. “First we sort out the operators that do not fill our quality requirements in terms of reliability.

The ones that pass the first phase are then ranked and reviewed based on monetary metrics and the final rank is published on our site. You’ll find the rankings of Litecoin gambling operators at, Beardsley concludes.