Is Gaming Answer to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain?

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Is Gaming Answer to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain?
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Lepricon’s mission is to combine a hyper-casual gaming experience focused on prediction games with decentralized finance elements.

Joshua Galloway, Co-Founder & CEO of Lepricon, a community-driven prediction games platform, certainly thinks that gaming is the answer to wider blockchain adoption. “Most people don’t understand cryptocurrency, and that is true for many that play casual games,” said he.

Galloway, a twenty-year veteran of the video and mobile games industries, says that extending the penetration of blockchain and decentralized finance means reframing it in a context that people understand, making it relevant to them. “Gamers understand in-app purchases, in-game currency, and special game items and power-ups. We can present token currency and NFTs in a language and context they will comprehend.”

Investors seem to agree. Lepricon closed its seed and private rounds in about two months, with 90% of the allocation placed in one week. They finished the process seven times oversubscribed. “That was the craziest Chinese New Year ever!” exclaims Co-Founder and COO Stephen Browne, referring to the three-day holiday in Hong Kong, where the Lepricon team is based. 

Next for Lepricon there will be two public sales, followed by their listing on Uniswap on the 17th March. The first public sale will happen on the 15th March on MANTRA DAO’s new launchpad, ZENDIT. The second on Duck DAO’s DuckSTARTER on the 17th. 

Lepricon’s mission is to combine a hyper-casual gaming experience focused on prediction games with decentralized finance elements. The two sides of this platform will share a common component, Lepricon’s operating token, L3P. Galloway notes, “Gamers can use L3P to play, but they do not have to use the DeFi elements. Stakers likewise do not have to play the games. But it is both sides of the coin working well that will create a successful platform and a valuable token.”

There is one thing that Galloway is notably excited about, and that is Lepricon’s NFT strategy. Galloway plans a series of NFTs, some with collectible value and some with utility value on the network. The most potent NFT will come with a unique privilege. Galloway intends to steer Lepricon to becoming a Decentralised Autonomous Organization, or DAO, over the next two years. The holder of this NFT will have a seat as a council member. 

Lepricon will launch its first game, KQJ, a simple card-guessing game that offers repeat winners a chance to acquire discounted bitcoin at the end of March. They plan to launch new games at least once a quarter after that. Other titles in the pipeline include Bitpool, where players guess whether the price of Bitcoin will rise and fall, and fansPredict, which will focus on the outcomes of world events and esports. The experience from these games will eventually lead to creating a predictions market platform in the future. 

Lepricon has inked several strategic partnerships that enable it to roll out its platform. These include Hex Trust, the leading digital assets custodian in Asia; RioDeFi, a Hong Kong-based company building a Polkadot parachain; and MANTRA DAO. As well as hosting Lepricon’s first public sale on their new launchpad, MANTRA DAO will provide staking services which will be available shortly after L3P trades publicly on Uniswap. Browne notes that this was important because they wanted to provide utility for the L3P token even while the gaming platform is under construction.

How does Galloway see the future? “We are only just seeing the first effects of the merging of the blockchain and gaming industries. The past is in-game currency on a database that the publisher can take away at will. The future is in-game currency on the blockchain which belongs to the player, and no one can take it away.”

He adds, that “the community-driven and player-owned game economy will change the face of video games as we know it.” 

For more information on Lepricon and its upcoming public sales and listing, visit their website or join their Telegram channel.

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