Cometh NFT Earnings Continue to Grow with New Leaderboard Feature

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Cometh NFT Earnings Continue to Grow with New Leaderboard Feature
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The Leaderboard is expected to include new features and sections in the future.

Cometh keeps adding new features to its fast-growing blockchain game as the NFT craze continues. The innovative Play to Earn project combines all the advantages of both the ERC721 and ERC20 token standards on Ethereum. This creates a dynamic gaming experience that integrates popular features in DeFi protocols such as yield mining with the collectibility of NFTs. 

Delivering on a previous announcement, Cometh launched a new Leaderboard which showcases play-to-earn mechanisms of the game by featuring the top 100 players and ships. The top three players have already earned a total of $17,000 since Cometh’s launch at the beginning of February. More so, the team reports that more than 250,000 $MATIC tokens have been distributed to over 1,400 spaceships.

These spaceships are all available on Cometh’s official OpenSea account. On the other hand, the $MATIC tokens are part of the game’s integration with Polygon, a scalable blockchain network for decentralized apps that is perfect for games. When put together, both forms of in-game compensation make Cometh a game that follows a Play to Earn model.

Going forward, the Leaderboard is expected to include Guilds as well. This section will feature teams of players who join forces in their search for the game’s token-filled asteroids. The team also added a statistics board where players can see their earnings and yields in real-time. 

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