GamingGrids and Partner to Prove That Learning is Fun

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GamingGrids and Partner to Prove That Learning is Fun
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Partnering with tournament gaming technology firm GamingGrids, aims to gamificate learning process inspiring its users to share knowledge in exchange for new Knowledge tokens.

Gamified learning platform has announced a pre-sale of its Knowledge Tokens to take place on January 15th, 2018. Partnering with tournament gaming technology firm GamingGrids, this unique blockchain-based platform will introduce a new way to value learning, with an incentivized model that rewards the sharing and generation of knowledge.

Guided by the principles of promoting knowledge exchange between knowledge producers and knowledge sharers, will be a powerhouse of knowledge sharing networks, rewarding the interactions of its users within a decentralized ecosystem.

It does this through learning gamification, an educational approach that is gaining recognition for its results in increasing enjoyment and engagement by building on learner interest and inspiration.

Playing games can facilitate learning

It has been observed by modern sociologists that the simple act of playing games is found instinctively in the young, both with humans and animals. The Swiss child development expert Jean Piaget noted that children understood social dynamics while exercising imagination and creativity through playing games, proving that the human psyche is instinctively able to learn from games.

The act of playing games itself offers information about how we learn. Playing games that challenge the memory is also theorized to improve learning and other academic aspects, since memory is a crucial cognitive skill in humans.

Developed countries are taking note of the role of games in facilitating education. It is estimated that more than half of kindergartens and primary schools in the US now use digital games every week to teach, while almost 1 in 5 use them daily. The current American administration is also mulling legislation that would pave the way for mainstream interactive learning games in schools.

Gamified learning with rewards

Based on industry partnerships, has immediate access to a core mass of personas on its data management platform. Through its partnership with leading eSports provider GamingGrids, will be able to capture and analyze data from about 5 million active monthly users.

Once its Knowledge platform launches in the final quarter of 2017, it will also integrate the GamingGrids app, presenting a base of personas that can incorporate its proprietary Knowledge Score algorithms to produce precision targeting and incentivized advertising campaigns. All of’s partners will have unrivaled access to participants of the Knowledge Question and Answer platform, instantly capturing data through directed question- and response-based advertising.

Depending on their level of gameplay ad usage on the GamingGrids pool, users will also be rewarded – in other words, “meta-mining” new Knowledge tokens.

About GamingGrids

GamingGrids is a leading producer of video game entertainment, mobile software and content, with past and present collaborations with major partners such as Razer, Inc. and the US Army.

The firm specializes in cash-based skilled gaming, with its main offering comprising of a completely automated tournament management system. Its projects benefit from the experience of managing a complete eSports tournament platform, unique Grid ranking system, massive public tournaments and progressive jackpots focusing on creative monetization.

About is built on the principle that knowledge should be recognized, rewarded and celebrated. It believes that all knowledge is valuable beyond individual importance, as ultimately, it is society that benefits from interacting with that knowledge.

The Knowledge platform brings together students and users with educators, employers and industries, in an ecosystem of gamified interaction. Its incentivized model provides a way to value knowledge, while promoting the development and spread of knowledge for the betterment of all relevant industries.

The Pre-sale

Knowledge Tokens will be available for purchase during a pre-sale launching on January 15th, 2018. 25 million tokens, or 10% of the total supply, will be available. A further 50 million tokens (20% of total supply) will be available for purchase during the full general sale on a later date.

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