Gath3r Announces Development of Ad-free Browsing Solution

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Gath3r Announces Development of Ad-free Browsing Solution
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Blockchain-based platform Gath3r is to solve the problem of pop-up ads by offering online users a new monetization channel.

Internet users browsing through their favorite websites are no strangers to annoying pop-up ads, which, unfortunately, are not going to disappear. However, thanks to the disruptive power of the blockchain, a viable solution is set to eliminate this headache.

Gath3r represents itself a blockchain-based platform aiming to become a next-generation browser for website owners, app developers and their users. The platform enables online users to support a website or an app they use with a small allocation of excess computer power in order to mine cryptocurrency.

Eliminating the need for websites and apps to generate revenue from ads, the platform offers a new monetization channel for these publishers through an ad-free mission.

There are over 2.5 billion live websites available for users worldwide. These statistics present a large potential user base for Gath3r’s ad-free revolution. To deliver a fluid and seamless solution, the platform is designed to be robust, with high capacities for handling websites and app requests.

Gath3r aims to democratise revenue on websites and apps. Publishers can leverage the platform’s innovative solution and integrate it into their websites and apps through an intuitive interface. Publishers can then start earning commissions from the activities of their users willing to mine cryptocurrency with a fraction of their excess computational power. Users are also set to greatly benefit from this passive operation through Gath3r’s Loyalty Program, which rewards them with Gath3r tokens by publishers for their participation.

Gath3r will further develop the capabilities of its platform through a novel Proof-Of-Stake network and paywall program to benefit its ecosystem. The scalable platform ensures that all proof of engagement and reward distribution is based on the profitability of each block, available hash power per website and pay out in Gath3r tokens (GTH), BTC or, accepted fiat.

Crypto mining capabilities will only be available when a user authorises the application or opts-in by simply clicking an agreement. Gath3r has been optimized for minimal footprint on users’ devices, enabling them to tap into the potentials of a truly decentralized mining network.

With the adoption of Gath3r, traditional and costly crypto-mining processes will be a thing of the past. Blockchain as a decentralized revolutionary technology will become as it truly should be—decentralized.

Gath3r will be the embodiment of blockchain value through a decentralized platform that rewards users for helping to further secure the blockchain without the attendant cost.

The enterprising team behind Gath3r is set to bridge the divide between crypto mining, cost, and accessibility, giving developers full control of earnings while delivering an enjoyable experience for their users without an intrusion, while engaging in the growth of crypto-mining, which is arguably a crucial aspect of the blockchain.

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