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Gcore Joins Forces with Super Protocol Right Before the Testnet Phase Two Launch

January 31st, 2023 at 2:00 pm UTC · 4 min read

Gcore Joins Forces with Super Protocol Right Before the Testnet Phase Two Launch

Web3 confidential computing platform developer Super Protocol and the international leader in public cloud and edge computing services Gcore announce a partnership that adds new capabilities to the Super Protocol network of confidential computing providers.

In less than a year the Super Protocol team developers with enterprise-grade solutions background and data protection industry experts have delivered a foundation for its platform poised to make confidential computing more affordable and ubiquitous. Most recent milestone – test network launch Phase One – is moving to a conclusion with a big developer competition.

Yulia Gontar, Strategic Growth Executive Super Protocol, said:

“We initially planned a soft launch to test that everything works as intended and that developers can achieve simple goals such as setting up an order for compute resources, deploying basic apps and monitoring their execution, but after the number of requests for Testnet access significantly exceeded our expectations, we decided it’s time for an ML competition. As machine learning can be resource-intensive in itself, and given the number of testers, the timing couldn’t have been better for a partnership with Gcore to bring additional resources on board. We are delighted to have a partner who shares our values and look forward to exploring further opportunities for collaboration.”

The python developers competition highlights current Super Protocol functionality and one of its use cases as an ML platform that allows to launch and train models using proprietary data in a secure, protected way. The next phase will be open for a broader range of developers and offer some new features, including access to high-end equipment and services provided by the Super Protocol partners such as Gcore.

Resources provided by Gcore will be available inside the Super Protocol marketplace as a part of the global confidential computing infrastructure.

Seva Vayner, Director of Edge Cloud stream at Gcore, said:

“We are excited to join forces with Superprotocol, and bring the power of Gcore’s baremetal servers with Confidential Computing to their platform. Together, we are able to provide customers with an unparalleled level of security and performance, and we look forward to seeing the impact this partnership will have on the industry”.

Gcore manages its own global IT infrastructure across 6 continents and delivers an average worldwide response time of 20−30 ms, although in several regions it dips below 3−5 ms. Thanks to the network consisting of 150+ points of presence and access to IntelSGX technology, Gcore makes a perfect fit to the team’s mission of making confidential computing accessible to application developers worldwide.

The current state of data protection on the modern web combined with a growing demand for users’ data privacy makes a perfect opportunity for the Super Protocol. The team is determined to deliver a stable product this year, while growing the number of cloud services providers and project building on top of it.

If you’re a hardboiled python ML engineer, there’s still time to take your chances with the Super Protocol Python Competition.

About Super Protocol

Super Protocol combines blockchain with the market’s most advanced confidential computing technologies to create a universal decentralized cloud computing platform. Super Protocol offers a Web3 alternative to traditional cloud service providers and makes it possible for anyone to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for the Internet of the future.

Super Protocol socials: TwitterDiscordLinkedIn.

About Gcore

Gcore is an international leader in public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, and security solutions. Gcore is headquartered in Luxembourg and has offices in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Georgia. It provides infrastructure to global leaders in an array of industries, including the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Agence eSanté), TEDx, Wargaming, and Avast. Gcore manages its own global IT infrastructure across 6 continents. Its network consists of 150+ points of presence around the world in reliable Tier IV and Tier III datacentres.

Gcore socials: Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn.


Yulia Gontar, Strategic Growth Executive

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