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Gemini Main-net New Upgrade, the King of the Chain is Coming – Gemini2.0

September 29th, 2020 at 8:28 am UTC · 6 min read

2020 is the “first year of public chain competition”. As a technology that can “innovate” many industries, the upsurge triggered by blockchain has successfully attracted a large number of powerful enterprises and teams to join the blockchain camp, and blockchain projects have sprung up in various countries.

With the passage of time, the blockchain industry is developing rapidly, and the public chain is the underlying infrastructure of the entire blockchain industry. Some industry insiders said that the public chain is like the foundation of a building, if there is no public chain at the bottom support, the block chain application is like a castle in the air.

In this market with hundreds of chains, only a few public chains will win. This means that they will have a piece of cake in the blockchain market and have a relative say in this field.

Gemini, as the leader of the new financial era, was destined to be extraordinary from the very beginning.

How Good is Gemini1.0?

Gemini is a trust society cornerstone operating system, which was founded by Hal Finney’s followers spontaneously. It took 6 years to develop. Gemini is not a public chain in the traditional sense, but a multidimensional technology aggregation of the fourth generation blockchain technology group with blockchain as the bottom layer and combining 5g, AI, bigdata, VR and other technologies. In addition, Gemini also represents an ecological architecture and financial technology concept, represents the anonymous who builds a trust society, and represents an ideal form of trust society.

The great achievements created by Gemini 1.0 have been praised by the world. The brand-new technology architecture, double coin value system and excellent ecological architecture are all the fundamental elements for Gemini to stand at the top of the industry.

Gemini Main-net New Upgrade, the King of the Chain is Coming – Gemini2.0

And as Gemini internal coin, CGC& LGC, the value of the two coins are relatively independent, and have their own price system. According to Gemini’s conversion tower algorithm, the prices of the two currencies will gradually rise with the continuous autonomy of the community, which will promote the two-way benefits of Gemini community.

Firstly, the price rising of coins will make the community members who participate in the development of Gemini obtain more high profits. At the same time, due to the rising price, it will promote more communities to participate in the development and construction of Gemini, so as to accelerate the realization of community autonomy.

Second, with the rise of coins price and the acceleration of exchange volume, most people want to get higher profits. The higher the demand of the common node for the upper node, which will speed up the community operation situation of Gemini, and more and more people want to launch attacks at higher levels to make Gemini develop faster and better.

Projects with high value and high potential will naturally attract the attention of the community. Up to now, the prices of Gemini’s double coins CGC and LGC have more than doubled compared with the initial price. Various major media reported that more and more communities have joined Gemini’s operation and development, contributing to the development and layout of Gemini, and accelerating the realization of community autonomy. Gemini, the beloved of the new era, has a bright future.

In order to better expand the ecosystem and contain everything in the world with a better architecture, we are about to usher in a major upgrade before we enter Gemini 2.0 – the main-net upgrade.

What Can Gemini 2.0 Bring Us?

Gemini2.0 is a multi-dimensional “financial and commercial complex on the chain” that allows developers, financial intermediaries and merchants to customize and build their own financial and commercial facilities on the chain. Decentralized investment consumption and profitability that allows consumers, investors, and promoters to be anonymous on the chain.

This Gemini main-net 2.0 upgrade will present a perfect peak work to global users from the aspects of technology, ecology and centralization.

  • Technology upgrade:

Gemini 2.0 improves the compilability and operability of smart contracts, making it easier for developers to develop and construct in Gemini ecology; it reduces the cost of cross chain technology, and makes Gemini interact with other public chains faster and more accurately. At the same time, the UTXO transaction model will be iterated and upgraded to improve the processing efficiency of transaction data and the speed of transaction confirmation, making Gemini network more smooth and fast. Also, adjust the general miner’s “mining pool expansion algorithm”, reduce the difficulty of mining pool expansion, and improve the stability of Gemini network.

The algorithm of version 2.0 is “in the direct referral node of the main mine pool, every three common miners with noc3 level or above (1.0 version algorithm is common miners ≥ noc4), their own mining pool can be extended 1-D (generation).”

  • Ecological upgrading:

Based on the powerful technical architecture of Gemini 1.0, more than 70 sub chains are being developed based on Gemini, including functional projects (GBM, GHOC, Debank, etc.), defitc projects (Geswap, Debank, etc.), infrastructure projects, tool projects, technology implementation projects, etc. At the same time, in order to make users feel better functional services, Gemini main-net 2.0 upgrades the app comprehensively to improve the page layout and picture fluency. Also, ecological entrance is added to the original wormhole position to break through each link of defitc to seize the outlet of distributed financial platform, so as to create infrastructure and lay ecological foundation for financial ecology in the future value Internet era.

  • Decentralization trend:

Gemini will start the election of eight upper nodes after the upgrade of the main-net 2.0. All the common nodes meeting the requirements of the upper nodes can be candidates for the upper nodes. After the common nodes vote successfully, they can become the upper nodes. The voting for Gemini’s 8 nodes is a key step to improve the stability and decentralization of the system. It will enable the community to participate more in the development of the project, give more rights and incentives to the community, and promote the prosperity and sustainable development of the whole ecology.

Gemini is the creation work of blockchain 3.0. Those miracles staged in the era of 1.0 and 2.0 will not repeat, but Gemini will continue the carnival of this era in the form of blockchain 3.0. The birth of Gemini 2.0 also marks a new era for the global financial system.