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Get Connected with the Entire Gaming Community through Gawooni

March 15th, 2018 at 11:34 am UTC · 4 min read

Gawooni is a recognized developer and publisher of games with a version available on the mobile as well as the desktop. It aims at making its mark in the South East Asian and Indian gaming markets. In the year 2018, Gawooni is geared up to launch its very own gaming platform. Its business model is adapted from the framework already laid out by previous game developers.

Gawooni will also be the very first platform in the market to launch a gaming ecosphere which enables gamers from all around the world to stay connected. The company  pays a great deal of importance to its customers and will be serving both B2B and B2C clients through their platform.

The ecosphere created by Gawooni will be functional on the basis of the inbuilt utility token known as GWON as well as Gawooni coins. Games designed by Gawooni as well as third parties will be listed on the platform.

The gaming industry has also started implementing the blockchain technology into the development process. There has been an advent of decentralized gaming platforms. These kind of platforms have proven to be a handy solution for gamers, where they can create and play games, buy and sell virtual products and services, and maximize the benefits of cryptocurrency.

There are several innovative advantages offered by decentralized gaming platforms. Moreover, gaming industry has been utilizing the blockchain technology in order to implement innovative advancements.

Benefits Of The Ecosphere Created By Gawooni:

  • Allows gamers all over the world to connect with each other.
  • Gawooni serves both B2B and B2C clients.
  • Authentic and reliable list of endorsers and references.
  • Enormous gaming community consisting of gamers all around the world.
  • Gawooni is set to experience growth at a rapid scale as time progresses. It is definitely going to become more widespread in the future.
  • Tremendous third-party cooperation offers which include blockchain based set-up or Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality solutions.
  • User-friendly interface and accessibility for everyone.
  • It is quite convenient for gamers because they can use the inbuilt currency for all the games and activities available on the Gawooni platform.
  • Gamers have the option of testing out a game and they can give their feedback.
  • Gawooni has a powerful network in the gaming industry.
  • It provides it users with completely new gaming experiences.
  • Gawooni aims to expand the gaming industry by innovating new and fresh ideas.
  • The utility token opens up several opportunities and offers much more than just a payment solution.

Two upcoming games by Gawooni:

  •    Tuk Tuk Rush – Tuk Tuk is a vehicle in Thailand that functions as a mini taxi. This game allows the gamer to explore the majestic land of Thailand in these vehicles. A tuk tuk ride is always a thrilling experience and Gawooni aimed at bringing the exact adventure to its gamers. The game is already being followed by the loyal gamers in the industry on Facebook. More than 70,000 gamers in Thailand are keeping up to date with news related to the game such as date of launch and updates in the game via this social media platform.
  •    Jungle Rush – This game aims to raise awareness regarding endangered wildlife species. It includes around 10 animals in the game and provides the gamers with an interactive experience. Gawooni has partnered up with several animal welfare organizations for the development of this game.

2018 is going to be an exhilarating year for GAWOONI as well as the gaming enthusiasts. By looking at all the exceptional stratagems that the gaming company is taking, it can be concluded that GAWOONI is all set to take the gaming industry by storm.