Global Digital Economy Summit Overview

November 22nd, 2018 at 7:31 am UTC · 3 min read

Dialogue with the Future – Global Digital Economy Summit will be held this year in Shanghai, China on December 19-20. It was launched by the China-Cambodia Business Association and jointly hosted by the Future Financial and Golden Cat Exchange.

The Summit is based on the cutting-edge technology such as blockchain, big data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence. 2,000+ guests from traditional finance, technology finance, blockchain and other industries at home and abroad, 20+ national government officials and overseas financial scholars, 300+ investment institutions and 150+ well-known blockchain media will be present. The summit aims to promote the development of digital economy and financial technology in the world, and help all outstanding blockchain teams to step into the world stage.

Highlights of the Summit

  • Highlight One: the future. As we all know, blockchain technology was born with the birth of Bitcoin. It has been nearly 10 years since then. But it was the last year that blockchain technology become a global “trend” and catch people’s attention. Within one year, the technology has brought a market of more than 100 billion US dollars. Now we can still call this global digital economy “a blue ocean” – ”an unknown space”. So will the blockchain boom continue or it is just over-myth? Will blockchain be applied in the future? How can the digital economy empower the real economy? Everyone will get answers at this summit.
  • Highlight Two: application. Due to the characteristics of blockchain technology – temper-proof, distributed ledger, peer-to-peer transmission, as well as the existing pain points in traditional industries, blockchain technology is constantly being explored and updated in practical application scenarios. The special guests of this summit – top digital economic researchers and financial science and technology scholars from domestic and abroad will bring the latest and valuable information on research about blockchain technology at the application level.
  • Highlight Three: opportunity. Those who take the opportunity certainly hold the first-hand information. In this era of getting huge profits from information-gap, the first opportunity is almost equal to the opportunity to create wealth, such as those who know Bitcoin ten years ago, they are the people who discovered the opportunity. In this summit, we will discuss the cutting-edge technology and economic trends of the blockchain. Perhaps the opportunity to lead some people to create wealth is hidden in the conference speech.
  • Highlight Four: resource. This summit is dedicated to let the most senior and most innovative people have in-depth discussions, exchange ideas, find breakthrough points and create the largest resource integration opportunities. The summit includes high-net-worth people of all blockchain industries, which means that a large part of the industry resources will be flowed and integrated in the summit. Multi-party cooperation can bring greater influence and maximize the benefits.
  • Highlight Five: media report. Future Finance will unite with hundreds of the most influential media domestic and abroad to provide media support and in-depth coverage of this summit.



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