Global Spy’s Approach to Protecting Cryptocurrency Investors

March 7th, 2018 at 12:14 pm UTC · 4 min read

The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in 2017 brought cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. Many have made a profit investing in cryptocurrencies. However, others have made losses in the same industry. This duality of opportunity and risk is something investors need to deal with in the crypto industry.

Sadly, many of the investors in the cryptocurrency industry do not have the business acumen or the technical skillsets to determine whether a cryptocurrency startup will be profitable in the future. As a result, any fall victim to the 46 percent of cryptocurrencies that fail each year and the 80 percent of startups that never get off the ground. However, Global Spy gives investors an alternative to protect them from losses.

Global Spy’s Approach

Global Spy protects investors by providing an avenue where they can research the cryptocurrency coins, ICO and securities that they want to invest in securely. Global Spy combines extensive business and technical analysis with blockchain technology. This benefits investors on the platform by providing them with another way they can make money.

Investors can acquire Spy Tokens through the popular exchanges or the ICO. The tokens can be used to pay for research on a specific cryptocurrency asset of any nature. The Global Spy researchers all over the world ensure they perform extensive research on the platform.

Sometimes this includes physical visits to the offices to ensure it is not a scam. Once it is done, the investor will get a digital copy of the research results with detailed recommendations on whether to invest in it or not.

Global Spy takes this further by using the blockchain platform to give investors who use the service an additional dimension of making money. If another investor asks for the same research, Global Spy will send them a duplicate of the first researcher’s findings.

However, half of what the second investor pays goes to the first researcher. This gives investors an opportunity to earn from the research they commission on the platform.

Why you should join the Global Spy community

Global Spy is offering more benefits that most of the standard research firms giving investors the ability to make better judgements when investing in the cryptocurrency industry. They include:

  • The platform is secured using cryptographic encryption to ensure that hackers cannot access the information
  • Global Spy is transparent. Since the ledger is decentralized, everyone can see the research other investors have ordered eliminating fraud
  • It provides investors with an additional income source. Early adopters can earn multiple times when others after them request for similar research. In some cases, they will even make a profit.
  • Global Spy provides business analysis for determining whether the firm and team behind a cryptocurrency or ICO are legitimate. This prevents users from falling for scams.
  • It provides technical analysis of the smart contracts, hash functions and algorithms to ascertain whether the blockchain is technically sound enough to succeed.

There are no downsides to investing in Global Spy. You can join the revolution by investing in the ICO slated for 15th March 2018. If you invest in the first week you get 20 percent discount which drops to 10 percent in the second week. This early bird discount will only be available till 29th where prices will revert to 5000 spy tokens for 1 ETH without discounts.

With the hard cap set at 150 million and the soft cap at 5 million spy tokens, make sure you invest as early as possible. Any purchases over 5.5 Eth will be subject to KYC to protect the platform and investors from nefarious individuals.

We expect the ICO to be very competitive. You can register in the Global Spy whitelist on the website or you can use any of the following official Twitter and Facebook channels  to speak to our representatives.