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GMCoin – World First Tron Based Utility Token for Business and Enterprises Goes Live

August 21st, 2021 at 12:01 pm UTC · 3 min read

GMCoin - World First Tron Based Utility Token for Business and Enterprises Goes Live

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Cryptocurrency tokens are the digital representation of complete or shared ownership in anything of value. Tokens are commonly leveraged in payments and settlements between participants. The tokens also enable representation of multi-party ownership of an indivisible asset, such as a work of art, and ease the exchange of such ownership between parties in a blockchain network. Tokenization introduces new avenues to optimize business processes involving multiple partners and bring in new business models. The IDC predicts that by 2025, the worldwide tokenized asset market will reach USD 500 billion.

In an enterprise setting, tokens are normally minted based on the possession or proof of possession of an asset. The number of tokens minted typically depends on the value of the asset the tokens are pegged against. Once minted, the tokens can be assigned, transferred, redeemed, used as payment, or taken on or off circulation, according to their use case.

Tron has defined standard token interfaces like TRC10 or TRC20. Tokens built to these standards can be traded in multiple networks. At present, TRC10 is one of the popular token models implemented in many solutions.

Built On

Based on the same principle GMCoin is made. GMCoin is the first company to establish a token model developed on the TRON network (TRC10) this vast and practical. It is based on the ITIL and COBIT ITSM principles already designed and ready for its customer launch on the alpha stage.

What Can GMCoin Bring to Enterprise Systems?

GMCoin enables the transfer of ownership and value in the same transaction, unlike traditional methods where there is a considerable delay between the transaction time and the settlement.

Another major advantage provided by GMCoin is the value realization of intangible and illiquid assets. An intangible and/or illiquid asset can be tokenized and be made available for increased shareholding and trading in a marketplace thereby providing liquidity and value realization for partial owners.

Cash or physical assets can also be tokenized and used as intermediary currency in the settlement of other types of assets in exchanges. These asset-backed tokens, called stable coins, optimize business processes by eliminating intermediaries and escrow accounts, allowing the settlement to happen alongside the business transaction. The collateralized asset can be held and validated by external entities to increase the trustworthiness of the token. There are several gold and fiat currency-backed tokens currently in the market.

GMCoin Allows You To

  • Raise funds
  • Tokenize Real-Estates
  • Send/Receive Payment
  • Pay compensations/salaries to employees
  • Exploring synergies with other GMCoin unables companies


GM Informatics JSC is the Highest Grade Joint Stock Company registered and trademarked in Turkey since 2009. GM Informatics JSC is an ISO/IEC 27001 Accredited company maintaining 2500+ IT Assets. It will be the First Tokenized Company in the World with its Tron Blockchain-based $GMCoin ecosystem.

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