GMetaVAcademy Class List Expanded Before Going Live

Place/Date: - March 11th, 2022 at 11:47 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Brendan Brown, Source: Coinpresso

GMetaVAcademy Class List Expanded Before Going Live

GMeta.One has released an expanded list of metaverse, cryptocurrency and digital asset trading focused classes which will be featured on the first iteration of the GMetaVAcademy portal. The educational platform on the hybrid metaverse platform was already somewhat an attractive offering, with initial classes including metaverse real estate investing, metaverse event hosting which focuses on teaching insights of the business of virtual event planning, NFT portfolio development and the most recent announcement prior to this – the 1% Trade room with Dr. Chris Cole.

The newly released layout features several more courses with specific focuses. It has been made clear that the class list will continue to evolve, which means that more could very well be added even prior to the culmination of the 5 GMeta.One live presale rounds. Amongst the new classes noted on the updated course list are ‘Introduction to blockchain: decentralized vs. centralized’, ‘What are smart contracts?’, and other courses that look to be aimed at providing students with fundamental knowledge which can help them develop a thorough basis of comprehension to confidently navigate and monetize the web3 space.

What New Classes Will Be Offered in the GMetaVAcademy Platform?

In addition to introduction courses on blockchain and smart contracts, GMetaVAcademy will also offer an ‘Introduction To The Metaverse’ course to round out the triune of introductory subjects included on the Master course list for now. For more advanced student curricula ‘Owning NFT’s and Domain Names In The Metaverse’, ‘Reading Data On Opensea & Cryptovoxels’, and ‘Evolving Algorithm Of Advertising In The Metaverse’ are all certainly very intriguing and immensely valuable subjects to both comprehend and master.

Topics specifically dealing with metaverse real estate will be covered by three of the other remaining four classes on the master list. ‘Real Estate On The Blockchain’ and ‘Virtual Reality In The Metaverse’ offer very clear course expectations based on the course titles, while ‘How To Purchase Land In The Metaverse’ looks to teach students how to actually engage in the business of acquiring real estate in the web3 environment.

The remaining initial offering – ‘Painting the vision for the future’, will endeavor to venture into the many potential expanded utilities that are being both envisioned and some already actively developed, in the metaverse and blockchain technology sector.

Other GMeta.One Recent News and Updates

Other recently published news details the new shared ownership model being implemented by the GMeta.One metaverse team. This new hybrid real estate ownership model gives $GMO token holders the ability to own metaverse property by buying units that are NFT apartments sold individually as part of the larger apartment building. Soon 22 apartments will be available for the first round of NFT buyers, who will also get an added benefit of a 20% rebate from the sale price for being a first generation holder.

In other recent news, GMeta.One announced the release of the pre-alpha metaverse world recently released by the Gmeta.One team. At the present time the GMeta.One metaverse 1st gen design scheme can be viewed and parcels of land to be sold as NFTs during GMeta.One virtual land auctions can be clearly seen, giving individuals the ability to actively plan investment strategies in line with real-time development. The virtual building for GMetaVAcademy can also be accessed in the cryptovoxels iteration now as well. The multi-level building has a rooftop club which has an upscale design scheme, and completely unique environments on each of the 4 stories.

Wrap Up and Next Steps for GMeta.One

The GMeta.One live presale is moving forward, progressing deeper into the second round of a scheduled 5. The GMeta.One decentralized web3 project is approaching the quarter million dollar mark in this second round, targeted for $1 million total. Each round has a target capital raise of $1 million USD, equating to the $5 million dollar target capital for all 5 presale rounds combined.

$GMO holders get access to the GMeta.One ecosystem, as the native crypto token is the currency used to purchase anything in the GMeta.One decentralized network. NFTs, tokenized assets, GMeta.One virtual event admissions, and any other GMeta.One ecosystem components. Live zoom presentations for active $GMO holders and potential new investors are held daily Monday through Friday, at 4 pm EST. All other GMeta.One most recent news and surprise announcements can be followed on the official social media and Telegram community channels. The expanded class list and expected additions down the line aims to provide future GMetaVAcademy students with the power to execute profitable business and investing moves in the web 3 environment.

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