GONT: The Future is Already Here!

August 23rd, 2018 at 10:39 pm UTC · 2 min read

GONT is virtual machine sharding and service gas decentralization technology with hardware consensus protection.

Our dream is to create a new virtual machine for Ethereum and other blockchain platforms. The main idea is to solve the problem of computational sharding through a new multi-core virtual machine, where an alternative service gas is introduced for each core.

The aim of GONT technology is to solve the problems of computational sharding and chain sharding for virtual machines of blockchain platforms using the creation of a new multi-core virtual machine – GONT VM.

At the moment, the blockchain industry has a number of fundamental problems:

  • Most blockchain networks are suitable only for financial transactions.
  • Complexity of integration in the business of blocking technologies.
  • Low speed and high transaction costs.
  • «Artificial» integration of tokens into services.
  • The lack of evidence of «private property» on the detachment.
  • The lack of direct exchange of digital values between the blockchain network.

And the GONT technology has a solution! With the help of key know-how technologies, such as the multi core GONT VM, global ontology tree and monetization model of GONT VM through ALGas we intend to change the world for the better and make it more fair.

Every day, millions of digital values ​​appear on the Internet and bring fabulous revenue to the services on which they are located. However, the creators of digital values ​​do not receive direct remuneration and do not participate in the distribution of services profits. We believe that this is unfair! If digital values ​​bring services traffic that is monetized by advertising, then the creator of digital value should receive a deserved reward.

GONT provides an opportunity to build a new model for the monetization of digital values through the concept of alternative gas. We suggest to place digital values in GVM containers and get your reward through AlGas when any service uses digital value.

The final stage of the development of GONT technology is the creation of a technological infrastructure and launching of a production of microprocessors focused on hardware consensus protection and increasing the efficiency and speed of processing transactions of global blockchain networks in partnership with the world leaders in the field of electronics and microprocessor technologies. Such as Intel, ARM, AMD, etc.

Join us and we will create a better future together!

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