Got Tired of Searching for Secure and Transparent Love? Platform May be the Solution

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Got Tired of Searching for Secure and Transparent Love? Platform May be the Solution
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Meet, the platform, which not only presents the chance to find the love of your life, but also earn some crypto through its integrated token economy layer.

All relationships are based on two kinds of outcomes: both parties mutually benefit from each other or the benefit becomes the prerogative of just one side of the party. Whatever the outcome, these relationships are driven by two of the most primal factors  dominating the existence of all living things – survival and procreation.

It is a human nature that as soon as the former is secured, the latter is pursued. These days, that often translates into improving one’s financial condition and building that perfect relationship.

Hello, Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Online dating platforms have been promising a galaxy of adventures when it comes to finding an ideal partner. In reality, what most tend to end up with is a scorching hot desert crawling with venomous creatures.

It takes effort to build any kind of meaningful relationship. The greater the effort, the better the reward. This way it’s not unto hear of someone from a lower class engaged in a relationship with a much higher class.

However, when it comes to online dating there needs to be some sort of incentive for rewarding the effort both parties are making. By tapping into the two most important wants – survival and procreation – is developing the world’s first socio-economic dating network with immutable rewards.

Time After Time

On legacy dating platforms, the handful of high-profile users tend to get inundated by requests, tugging and pulling for their attention. For these lucky few, online dating is a walk in the park that often ends with “love at first profile view”. But while these elite group has the pick of the crop, the rest of us are left “yelling into the void” to make some sort of connection. And when something finally whispers back, we tug and pull with all our might, hoping for “love at umpteenth profile view”.

For incentives to truly aligned on any online dating platform, users’ efforts must be recognized and rewarded, just like in real-life. By emulating real world social dynamics, is reinforcing positive, online interaction for people looking for love through a decentralized and autonomous dating platform.

The platform eliminates the inefficiencies inherent in the traditional dating by offering users a secure and transparent network, backed by a revolutionary identity authentication mechanism and sustainable token economy.

Like fiat currency,’s powerful token, HKY, is the backbone for all engagement and exchange on the network. This not only incentivizes good behavior through the underlying token economy, but also enables the network to sustain itself, while drastically reducing spam.

Wherever I Rest My Head On’s integration of a token economy layer over the traditional dating system is set to finally make the user no longer the product by letting them use HKY tokens to send message and earn for receiving.

While it may initially seem like a barrier for users to pay for sending messages, especially when users are used to getting such services “for free”, knowing that they can also earn through positive actions and engagements optimizes economic incentives and social dynamics.

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