Grand Goose Mansion Is About to Be Launched as First-Ever Geese Metaverse

Place/Date: Business Bay, Dubai UAE  - January 31st, 2022 at 3:27 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Akinlolu Adeojo, Co-Founder, Source: AFMS LLC

Grand Goose Mansion Is About to Be Launched as First-Ever Geese Metaverse
Photo: GGM

Grand Goose Mansion is about to be launched as the first-ever Geese Metaverse. The project is created as a ‘geeseverse’ with 7777 unique NFTs. The idea for the Grand Goose Mansion (GGM) is the rescue of the Hawaiian geese, which are almost gone in the wild. Part of the funds raised by GGM goes to charity i.e. will be donated to a zoo in Hawaii to help keep geese alive and not out of extinction. But in fact, it is one of the first metaverse created with NFTs, and it is pegged to the pictures of Hawaiian geese. Each NFTs is unique though geese portraits are programmatically generated.

The main goal of GGM is to create a community that will manage with the help of DAO the funds raised. The community itself will thus decide how to utilize the money. But already at the NFT minting stage, $20,000 will be sent to save the geese. $10,000 goes to the zoo initially, when only 50% NFT is minted, and the same amount after the 100% mint. These steps are not so important for business but essential for the community to unite it around a noble cause. Such kind social obligations speak of the serious intentions of the founders. And the bonus program for the community promises very profitable conditions for everyone who joins the project.

The project has two roadmaps: Launch roadmap and Roadmap 2.0. The first includes activities to launch the project and create a community. Roadmap 2.0 marks activities that will deliver explosive CCG growth, metaverse expansion, and a massive increase in ROI for community members.

Launch roadmap covers minting of all 100% of NFTs, i.e., the NFT’s sell-off. Several pleasant surprises are for users. Goose #1111, #2222, #3333, #4444, #5555, #6666, #7777, right after minting will get 1ETH each. Meanwhile, ETH all-time high is $4,891.7, and ETH ROI is 93333.89%.

There are 5 Money Geese which own by chance an amount of $100,000. This is a kind of draw, 5 lucky members who mint these geese will get $20,000 each.

And as for the community, $100,000 will go to a common pool that the DAO regulates. Community members will decide for themselves how to spend this money. It is important to remember that the more tokens a DAO member has, the more influence he has. This approach encourages community members to buy additional tokens on external marketplaces such as OpenSea. In total, one can buy no more than 3 NFTs on the project’s official website. By the way, there is a stage of the presale. 1000 NFTs will be sold at a lesser price. To take part in the presale stage, one has to meet simple conditions like having a Goose profile picture, adding GGM to the Discord name, reacting to all announcements, or completing one of the bounty tasks. Details are clarified on Discord.

Well, Discord is the best way to keep up with project news. Twitter and Instagram are well enough too. And for sure the latest info is at

Some info from Roadmap 2.0. This is about how the GGM project will be developed after 100% mint. After the sell-off is over, an airdrop take place, and the GRAND GORILLA MANSION, which is GGM Collection 2.0 will be launched in exactly 60 days after the Goose launch. Every minter and holder of a Goose gets one airdropped Gorilla unique NFT for free. And later, by Q4 2022 airdrop 2.0 will take place. The GGM tokens will be airdropped to every wallet that has a GGM Goose or Gorilla.

The next step is the launch of an outstanding multiplayer P2E game. Goose and Gorilla holders will be able to play online and use their tokens in the game.

Some news from real life. The GGM Online Merch Store will be released 30 days after the Gorilla Mint. Beautiful items with Goose and Gorilla will be available for purchase at reasonable prices to let the community members meet each other in real life and promote the project.

Finally, the Grand Mansion Party is one of the most exciting events for real-life communication by Q3 2022. It will be held at the biggest and most luxurious Mansion in a world-famous city chosen by the flock of the DAO. And it is a form of reunion for the community members.