Gravvity Introduces the First ‘Socialize-to-Earn’ Metaverse

Place/Date: - May 12th, 2022 at 5:04 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Gravvity

This transformational company empowers members to share in the community’s success by earning and accumulating GRAVY tokens through their everyday social activity.

It’s no secret that social media apps exploit users and hoard profits. Gravvity’s mission is to do the opposite. Gravvity is a completely reimagined social metaverse that empowers its members with freedom and economic opportunity.

Members are always in complete control of their privacy, data and content, and members share in the community’s success as it grows by accumulating GRAVY – Gravvity’s Community Token.

Similar to the “play-to-earn” model in gaming, Gravvity has created the first “socialize-to-earn” metaverse where members earn GRAVY simply through their normal everyday social activity.

GRAVY is unique not only because it has a finite token supply, but it must be bought to make purchases on Gravvity. This includes land and NFT sales, as well as ad placements within Gravvity. As the community grows, so will the demand for GRAVY from advertisers and businesses. By stacking GRAVY, members can share in the community’s success as it grows.

Gravvity’s first private token sale in February 2022 was oversubscribed. Click here to join the whitelist for our next round of token sales.

For more information please check out the Gravvity website or Whitepaper and check their social networks for all the latest updates: Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn.