Anonymous Fox On: NFTs for Good!

May 11th, 2022 at 4:52 pm UTC · 3 min read

Anonymous Fox On: NFTs for Good!

New doesn’t always mean evil – it’s not even necessarily true when the new thing is driven by profit-motives and centralised institutions.

But every person, every tool and every resource (indeed, everything) exists on a spectrum. On one extreme we have good, and on another evil.

Dungeons & Dragons took this even further – behold;

Anonymous Fox On: NFTs for Good!

People around the world right now are wasting their time wracking their brains trying to map NFTs on this scale when I already know the answer:

You can’t do it; it can’t be done.

Forcing everything into a box and a label like this is the exact problem we’re trying to steer away from and we’re committed AF to understanding that you can’t apply best practice or non-sensible rules, regulations and guidelines to every bloody unique scenario and situation. We shouldn’t even TRY to do that.

Instead, we should try to retain our moral integrity by identifying some values that are useful to ourselves, others and the society in which we operate, like so:

  • We are motivated AF to create value
  • We are passionate AF about ownership and inclusion
  • We are equally concerned AF about individuals as we are about groups and their rights
  • We are sad AF about the level of NEG and FUD currently being experienced by both individuals and groups
  • We are working hard AF to do something about it

So today, I’m going to highlight some of the use cases for Non-Fungible Tokens I won’t immediately hard-doxx and obliterate from the internet, read on, kits!

Music & IP NFTs

There are a couple of up-and-coming music marketplaces that will use NFTs and blockchain technology to musicians and other artists truly own and be more fairly rewarded for their creations.

Real Estate NFTs

Property is the one bubble that doesn’t burst, according to pretty much everyone, but it’s hard for first-time buyers to get involved… until we tokenize and allow fractional ownership and buying.

Video Game NFTs

Microtransactions have been ruining the video game industry for a long time, but we’re about to see a monumental shift; instead of PAYING for new content, we could begin to earn royalties for ownership and development of in-game assets.

Healthcare & Medical NFTs

You’ve already seen QR codes take off, but they have so much more utility than simply accessing something – they could quickly transmit medical records between, for instance, different hospitals that would normally need to request and approve sharing of data before they could treat someone in certain countries. NFTs could literally save lives.

Voting NFTs

Voter fraud is the problem we didn’t know we have – and may not have – that could easily be fixed with a digital ID delivered via an NFT.

Metaverse NFTs

People have been making money buying and selling land in the metaverse for much longer than anyone realises, but very soon we’ll all be doing it, and i’ve even heard that a FTSE500 company will announce their HQ will be in the metaverse at some point this year or next which is wild AF.

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