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Greentoken Wants to Solve the Global Pollution Problem with Eco-Friendly Recycling

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Greentoken Wants to Solve the Global Pollution Problem with Eco-Friendly Recycling
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Aiming to overcome existing environmental pollution issues, the startup has developed an innovative project for high-tech waste recycling plant construction.

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems the world is facing today. The large quantity of waste produced each year poses serious threat to the health of our planet. Because of the growing amount of plastic, cans and other waste swimming in the ocean, more pieces are now on the verge of extinction.

Scientists say it is unsafe to keep the waste on the planet anymore, so it’s now crucial to find ways to solve the problem. Every person can make a difference and by combining our efforts we’ll be able to prevent devastating impact of pollution. For instance, anyone can handle separate garbage collection, which has essential environmental and economic benefits.

The world’s major companies are contributing to the problem’s solution by investing in waste recycling. Most influential businessmen, actors, and models are spreading environmental awareness and donate big money to green projects and activities.

Governments are also supporting the cause, providing funding for environmentally-friendly initiatives. To help environment in the country, Kazkhstan government is going to update its legislation and ecological code in particular. The authorities are planning to introduce a policy that will allow investors wishing to participate in eco-friendly projects to invest in “green” bonds.

Although many researchers and companies are now working on their solutions, Greentoken seems to be one of the most promising projects in the ecological industry. The startup aims to build profitable and effective waste recycling plant in Kazakhstan that will be able to recycle organic, solid, industrial or medical waste without initial sorting.

The waste will be recycled through pyrolysis reactor that was originally used to produce Syngas – a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the industry. Syngas is a source of methanol, hydrogen and other chemical products, and is used to generate heat and electricity through gas-turbine and gas-piston generators.

Also, it is used for the production of foam glass, an eco-friendly material used for insulation of residential buildings and industrial enterprises. Due to the small number of foam glass manufacturers, there is a high demand for this material.

The recycling process will go without access to oxygen at the temperature of up to 1300°C. Heat energy generated from syngas will power the 20 hectares industrial greenhouse complex that will produce up to 12 thousand ton of cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables. It’s worth noting that the demand for these goods in Kazakhstan’s capital amounts to 120,000 ton annually, what means the new greenhouse complex will account for a 10% share of the market.

In February, Greentoken successfully tested the prototype of the reactor in the laboratory of the Doctor of Technical Sciences Here Unger in Germany. Reactors are non-explosive because the recycling process goes at atmospheric pressure. Moreover, the waste is processed without contact with the external environment.

Greentoken is the first project using this unique recycling technology at an industrial scale. With the support of government and venture capital investors, the startup can guarantee the project implementation with 10% of internal funds. If there is lack of external funds, the team will rely on venture capital and credits to finish the development.

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