Grow Your Profits with Pioneering Legal Cannabis Crowdgrowing Platform JuicyFields

March 27th, 2020 at 4:45 pm UTC · 3 min read

Grow Your Profits with Pioneering Legal Cannabis Crowdgrowing Platform JuicyFields

Berlin-based cannabis growing company has announced the launch of its legal co-op cannabis Crowdgrowing platform. JuicyFields is a pioneer in its kind, with licensed partners in several countries, and offers users a fully automated global service. The platform is geared towards all types of business enthusiasts, accepting bitcoin and ethereum, in addition to traditional fiat payments.

JuicyFields has a mission to create a seamlessly interconnected market of cannabis enthusiasts, supporters, businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs. With its innovative non-plant touching system, cannabis can be grown remotely, regardless of whether it is legal in a user’s home country or not. In Europe, popularity has grown even faster than its plants, and it now looks to expand to the global stage.

JuicyFields is not only a pioneering Cannabis crowdfunding platform, it is also an online global collective farm. JuicyFields aids other cannabis startups around the world to raise the necessary funds for further development. This way all the JuicyField participants make a profit after the sale of the crop. CEO and Founder Alan Glanse:

“Crowdfunding in Europe has already reached a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity. We decided to take that further. Crowdgrowing is not just raising money for project development, it allows you to take part in a highly profitable but strictly regulated cannabis industry. We will be interesting to both investors and those entrepreneurs seeking funding who have great opportunities.

Alan continues:

We don’t just raise money for the development of cannabis startups all around the world, we also share the profit from each crop of our partners with our members for 5 years. Our crowdfunding consultants have experience of successful crowdfunding work in America and Europe and we made the platform as international as possible.“

Varying legislation around the production of cannabis across the world has persistently hindered millions of people from being able to get involved in the business end of the industry, but now JuicyFields has the answer. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, cannabis activist, or just a business-minded person, JuicyFields gives everyone the opportunity to make money in the Cannabis Industry.

How Does it Work?

Anyone can start a profitable contract for as little as €50 and after 3 months they will receive their first share from selling cannabis, right to their wallet. To get started, users can click on a custom link and choose a suitable contract under ‘Grower’s account.’ Short-term (flash) or long-term ongoing contracts are available.The process of growing one’s own cannabis online has never been easier.

Earn Free Grams with the JuicyFields Bounty Campaign

Interested parties can check out the JuicyFields Bounty Campaign today, and get rewarded free grams for helping raise awareness of this groundbreaking project. JuicyFields will be giving away free grams to successful applicants of the Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn and Signature bounties.

The Bounty will last for 2 months and grams will be calculated at the end of the bounty. Users will be given JuicyMist plants grams (fixed price of €2 per gram) and these will then be grown by JuicyFields. First harvest will happen 3 months after JuicyFields has started growing them, and by that time successful applicants will be able to sell these and withdraw their funds.

For more news and latest updates please follow the JuicyFields team in LinkedIn, Facebook. Read the Juicyfields Greenpaper. Feel free to join JuicyFields community in Telegram, or just check out their latest videos on YouTube.


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