Guardians of Giftomon Challenge, Gamifying Crypto Community Rewards

August 24th, 2018 at 11:05 pm UTC · 1 min read

The Gifto team clearly believes that every moment a user holds its token should feel rewarding, even in a bear market, with their launch of Guardians of Giftomon Challenge, an incentive program that rewards gamers with the Gifto token and unique in-game items in its flagship blockchain game, Giftomon.

The Gifto community can store tokens for one month to increase their guardian rank and experience points, and unlock game rewards including Gifto tokens, which are used to purchase in-game virtual items.

The rewards program is accessible to any Gifto holder with at least 50 tokens. All participants receive new Giftomon, power batteries, Mcoins, and other bonuses which enrich their gameplay in the wacky world of Giftomon. The best reward tiers even include mining-class Giftomon, that can be used to mine Gifto tokens at faster rates for users.

Gifto is giving the crypto world a peek into what it means to have mature ecosystem of blockchain-based products that token holders not only profit from, but are entertaining and fun to engage with, welcome to the future of entertainment!