Luxury Brand Gucci Partners with Superplastic to Launch Its NFT Collection

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Luxury Brand Gucci Partners with Superplastic to Launch Its NFT Collection
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With its recent NFT collection, Gucci combines innovation with tradition. The NFTs will feature an exclusive ceramic sculpture handcrafted by Gucci’s ceramicists in Italy. 

Renowned luxury brand Gucci is all set to bring its own NFT collection to the market. To launch it, Gucci has recently entered a partnership with the digital character brand Superplastic.

Gucci’s NFTs will feature the company’s classic Motifs along with designs of the SuperPlastic digital characters Janky & Guggimon. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s head of design has created these NFTs in collaboration with Superplastic.

As per the current plans, there will only be 250 NFTs minted and released on three occasions. Also, the first drop of ten NFTs from the collection will happen on February 1. Each of these digital collectibles will feature an exclusive ceramic sculpture handcrafted by Gucci’s ceramicists in Italy.

On the first day of launch with Superplastic, Gucci said that it will be promoting its digital vault. This will be an experimental zone that blends historic digital vault with lab-like creativity.

Gucci NFT Collection: a Blend of Innovation and Tradition

Gucci’s idea of connecting the NFT drop to the sale of vintage items shows a clear attempt to blend modern-day innovation and tradition. It clearly shows that incorporating new technologies doesn’t have to come at the cost of abandoning the older modes of commercialization. That’s why Gucci is tapping into NFTs to improve the overall consumer experience.

While most NFTs have been digital collectibles, Gucci has taken a different approach. Gucci’s attempt includes artisans making sculptures and shipping them directly to the NFT holders.

Interestingly, this is not Gucci’s first take on NFTs. Last year, the luxury brand auctioned Gucci Aria NFT at Christie’s for $25,000. This was one of the most expensive items the brand has ever sold. On the other hand, Gucci is also exploring 3D in-game clothing with the NFT platform for luxury fashion brands Neuno.

Gucci’s current partner Superplastic is a startup aiming to create Marvel-like virtual characters. Last October, Superplastic raised a staggering $20 million and has been also launching NFTs with the very popular Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Along with Gucci, there are also other brands working on their own NFT collection. Luxury brand Jimmy Choo has launched its own NFT mystery box collection. Dolce and Gabbana have also auctioned some of the digital collectibles. A recent report is that luxury brand Ralph Lauren is betting on the Metaverse and exploring the use of NFTs to bring new shipping experiences.

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