Here Comes the Legendary “Ultraman” Exchange! Constantly Defeats Other Players and Level Up

June 28th, 2018 at 7:06 pm UTC · 3 min read

This behavior is similar to the concept of “gold mining.” To get the bitcoin, you have to buy a mining rig first. The mining rig means productivity. The higher the power of the mining rig, the more bitcoin it digs and the more profitable it becomes.

In the trading platform ecology, “transaction mining” shares the same logic as bitcoin. The process of “refunding transaction fee at the equivalent amount of platform currency” is called “transaction mining”. Your account on the trading platform is the bitcoin mining rig.

Different configuration account acts as different models of bitcoin mining rig. The “virtual computing power” of different accounts varies and thus the mining rate of return also differs to great extent.

You probably have noticed that FCoin and many other trading platforms, which only know how to imitate, all refund “100% of transaction fees.”

These platform accounts are only equipped with standard configurations, such as bitcoin’s first CPU mining rig. Coineal, on the other hand, has taken a big step and directly provide you a series of highest configurations – “ASIC mining rig”. The mining return rate excels all other trading platforms.

The Coineal’s mining accounts, which are extremely popular among investors, are categorized into three levels:

  • First-class mining account: the first 10,000 transaction fees from the first-class mining account are returned with 150% equivalent amount of NEAL. The first 10,000 transactions of the first 500 users invited by such account are returned with 35% equivalent amount of NEAL.
  • Second-class mining account: the first 65 accounts that register and complete KYC through the first-class account are considered as the second-class mining account. Each second-class mining account can enjoy the bonus of which the first 10,000 transaction fees are returned with 135% equivalent amount of NEAL. The first 10,000 transactions of the first 500 users invited by such account are returned with 25% equivalent amount of NEAL.
  • High return award users: The first 10,000 transaction fees are returned with 125% equivalent amount of NEAL.

Coineal predicts that the revenue of the first-class mining account ranges from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan just from the daily transaction mining. The daily income of second-class account can also reach from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. On top of the revenue, there are dividends from the platform income and bonus for registration invitations.

With such appealing return on investment, no wonder investors have been rushing to register the accounts. Currently the Coineal mining accounts have been resold by the first batch of investors for several thousands of yuan, and the OTC price of the platform currency NEAL has also soared to 0.5-0.6 yuan.

If you have a Coineal first-class mining account, the “transaction mining” earns twice as much as other platforms, and even the second-class mining account is more profitable than other platforms’ account.

However, these mining accounts are limited. Investors need to spot the opportunity quickly and apply for registered immediately as certain conditions have to be met in order to obtain the account.

Coineal’s first batch of mining accounts have been taken by the investors who spot fast and act quickly. Some investors have already profited several thousands of yuan by reselling these accounts!

Even the author of this article has registered for a second-class mining account when Coineal first opened their accounts, thanks to author’s quick move. (The red box below with the crown logo shows mining account number). Make sure you register for a mining account when NEAL opens the trading platform on the 30th! Mine fast and earn profits!

Get KYC verified to earn 0.88 EOS+88 NEALs, choose one of the two above. Rewards will be given within 2 working days.