Here’s Everything You Should Know About EverLife.AI

September 10th, 2018 at 7:25 pm UTC · 3 min read

Thus, some way or the other, we all are working relentlessly on leaving a legacy behind. Researchers are working to find effective ways to help you become immortal in people’s thoughts. However, introduction to Blockchain has opened new opportunities to make this happen.

Here's Everything You Should Know About EverLife.AI

EverLife.AI is a new blockchain-based p2p network where you get a chance to create an impression of you who’ll live forever. In laymen terms, you create a clone called an AI avatar with EverLife.AI This avatar continuously evolves as it interacts with the millions of other avatars present in this network.

Now, this avatar works on your behalf and get paid with a native token of EverLife.AI network called “Ever Token”. Your avatar will be able to acquire some of your skills that will allow it to do the tasks on the network for a pay. Therefore, your avatar will continue to work on your behalf and make money for you in your absence.

Hence, it’s guaranteed that the avatar will completely have a replica of your personality. Not only this, the network also guarantees that no one can manipulate or terminate your avatar. So this network allows your avatar to connect seamlessly with the avatars of your family and friends. Your beloveds can learn who you truly are and what you stand for, even in your absence.

Know The Technicalities Of EverLife.AI Network

The network allows you to connect with your avatar through chat interface that’s built on platforms like Telegram and Messenger. With this interface called “Chat Client”, the interaction between Avatars and users can be done anywhere and at anytime. There also exists a dialogue mechanism that allows this communication between users and avatars to be productive and smooth.

Users can buy the needed skills they want to give their avatar on the EverLife.AI marketplace. All transactions in this marketplace are done by using the Ever token. Avatars also evolve by reading through millions of data available online.

The Ever Token

The Ever Token is the native token of the EverLife.AI network. This token (serves as both a currency and a utility) allows you to access various services and products available on the EverLife.AI network.

Some ways the Ever Token is used for –

  • For the payments of goods and services which run on smart contracts
  • As an advertising fees
  • For tips and rewards
  • For the transaction commission paid with Ever
  • To be listed on Coinbene

The planned listing will be happening this September, and it will allow you to trade your Ever tokens to other cryptocurrencies. Since CoinBene has a large number of crypto pairs, the options for users are unlimited

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