Here’s How ICOs Are Leveraging Events and Conferences

Place/Date: Singapore - February 25th, 2019 at 7:48 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: UCIM

As a result, several conferences and events around the same are being held in different countries. These technology conferences attract a large pool of attendees across different industries. The events are organized to discuss technology trends, growth opportunities for cryptocurrencies and pave a way for ICOs and startups to connect with industry leaders and experts.

At least 10 such events are held every month in different countries, on an average.

Leveraging events and conferences, ICOs pitch their ideas to investors, raise funds and form partnership agreements. Where leaders, investors, experts, and crypto enthusiasts seek to educate and propagate innovation, the blockchain startups find an opportunity to build their network.

These events are not just centered on innovations in the blockchain sector but foster an environment of social interactions. Connections and relationships built from social interactions with leading crypto players potentially lead to a starting point of significant partnerships to achieve success.

How do These Events Benefit ICOs?

Social engagements at events help ICOs determine ways of marketing and developing their products and innovation. Additionally, ICOs can create a strong presence in the crypto space by networking with the leaders of the crypto community. They can learn and gather new innovations of the blockchain technology that may come in use while project implementation.

Moreover, ICOs can find access to contacts and social media platforms of potential investors at such events, thereby channeling an easy route to product promotion. Interaction at these events facilitates investors and attendees to have a deeper understanding of the product through a questioning round.

Additionally, investors experience blockchain products first-hand, therefore, the possibility for them to incorporate the product in their company increases.

Essentially, the success of ICOs to raise funds majorly depends on their ability to leverage crypto events across the globe. Networking and marketing are the other main ingredients to communicate the benefits of the products or services to potential investors. Owing to crypto events and conferences, the attendees tap on valuable opportunities and build in-person connections.

Therefore, a large credit behind the success of ICOs and their ingenious projects goes to the blockchain conferences and events for bridging the gap between the two ends of the crypto community.

One such event is Pitcher Perfect by UCIM that was recently hosted in Singapore on 15th February. It brought together over 150 key stakeholders of the ecosystem to help investors and projects connect while unwinding in the company of like-minded individuals. Their next stop is Berlin where they envision to unite two ends of the investment community.