Holdex Finance: The Most Powerful Fin-Tech and DeFi Platform? Review and Details of ICO

Place/Date: - August 2nd, 2021 at 10:55 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Holdex Finance, Source: Holdex Finance

Holdex Finance is an innovative technology project in the field of Fin-Tech and DeFi, the main task of which is to create a transparent and decentralized platform for highly profitable and secure investments in cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to automated solutions and unique developments, the project team manages to minimize the risks and the number of user errors. The result is that crypto investors get even more profit.

About Holdex Finance

Holdex Finance is a decentralized automated market maker with unique token distribution design and farming benefits.

You can make transactions on the platform, and investment processes are automated using the H-APY scanner and the H-ATB bot. These solutions are unique, the idea of them belongs entirely to the Holdex team. Our test swap is gonna be ready at the end of this month.


This is the best solution for anyone looking to learn how to earn interest on USD stable coins and see how the decentralized financial platform evolves.


This solution is designed for those who want to profit off algorithmic cryptocurrency trading without giving up their regular job

H-ATB reduces risk to a minimum, allowing you to maximize your profits. Automated platform:

  • Covers more transactions;
  • Processes transactions at a higher speed;
  • Frees trading from subjective factors;
  • Ensures flawless operation.

Holdex bot is designed to enable seamless trading on crypto markets. The bot surpasses human abilities which eliminates factors associated with emotional decision making, low productivity and speed.

The main task of H-ATB is to implement a big number of transactions in a short time, identify the direction of trend changes on the markets, determine the most convenient time to complete transactions and generate profits from the difference in purchase and sale.

The Holdex automated market maker replaces traditional methods with liquidity pools that pre-fund both assets on the blockchain. Liquidity is provided by users who receive passive income from their deposits through transaction fees as an interest of the liquidity pool.

The platform operates on its own HOLDEX token, which allows for more independence in management, supports autonomous pools and farms. The token is compatible with Ethereum, Huobi Ecochain and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Problems and Solutions

Holdex Finance solves the most topical problems that the modern crypto investor may face.

  • Problem: Lack of experience and knowledge in trading, limitation in human resources.
  • Solution: H-ATB independently executes trading operations according to the specified algorithms and parameters without stop.
  • Problem: Fast pace of events, complexity of processing incoming volumes of information.
  • Solution: AI processes thousands of operations per second, taking into account all the features and details of the markets.
  • Problem: Lack of opportunity to invest large sums.
  • Solution: Even a small start-up capital has the potential to grow and profit at the ICO stage, due to the capitalization of the token and the operation of financial instruments.

Details about ICO Holdex Finance

No more than 5 000 000  Holdex tokens will be released in the ICO. As mentioned on the project platform, tokens with the same volume of circulation are currently traded on the market in the range 75 to 300 dollars. Holdex Finance’s starting list price is at least 1 US dollar.

Holder always benefits!

Projects entering the ICO almost always release all tokens they own, and investors suffer from it. The Holdex team will block tokens, unlocking 10% per quarter. Thus, the holders will be in a profitable position, and the project team will keep Holdex forever.

According to the roadmap, the Holdex team has a goal to enter the DEX and CEX markets in the third quarter of 2021. These include platforms such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko. Version 2.0 of the DEX-DeFi platform will also be released.

Holdex Swap activation and Whitepaper 2.0 publication are the targets for the third quarter of 2021. However, the team informs investors that the work may be completed earlier.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, a profitable farming release, listing on major exchanges, Holdex staking activation and finally Holdex ChainTestnet will be launched.

The Potential and Development of the Holdex Finance Project

Today, the project has great potential for growth and development. Completion of the platform and integration of Holdex Finance smart technologies into a single investment ecosystem will allow for a large-scale entry into the investment services market.

Saving Holdex the opportunity to train AI and having access to anonymized data on financial instruments from the blockchain of each sold product, we ensure further growth of the company’s capitalization and guarantee its competitive advantage.

The Holdex Finance project not only changes the lives of regular crypto investors, it transforms a fundamental approach to the investment market and offers original digital solutions to the main problems in this field.

From 23th of July we will start to our ICO stage “2” with 0.20$.

For more information, visit the website and join Telegram Group. (Participation in the ICO).