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Hollywood Studio Lionsgate Teams Up with GoCoin to Accept Bitcoin Payments

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by Eugenia Romanenko · 2 min read
Hollywood Studio Lionsgate Teams Up with GoCoin to Accept Bitcoin Payments
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The Canadian-American film production studio Lionsgate Films has partnered with digital currency payments processor GoCoin.

Lionsgate Films, the Canadian-American film production studio famous for the Hunger Games, is going to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method on their web stores through a partnership with GoCoin, the digital currency payments processor. Moreover, Lionsgate is working to integrate digital currency payments at “several upcoming branded events” as well, said Peter Wilkes, Lionsgate senior vice president.

On 12th of January, 1998, Cineplex Film Properties was renamed and became Lions Gate Films. After the purchase of the Vancouver-based North Shore Studios, the company was dubbed Lions Gate Studios. In 2015, Lions Gate Films is going to release an epic romance fantasy film The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.

GoCoin, the digital currency payments processor,  was launched in 2013 to facilitate transactions in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tether. The company claims to give the customers the convenience of choice.

In addition, GoCoin’s clients can choose to keep the coins or instantly exchange them to their preferred currency. Charging 1 per cent in transaction fee, GoCoin states to nullify the high volatility risk in cryptocurrencies, eliminates cost frauds associated with credit cards without any chargebacks.

The integration was announced by Steve Beauregard, GoCoin’s CEO and co-founder, during Inside Bitcoins conference in New York City.

According to Beauregard, GoCoin is looking to appeal to other film studios as part of its client acquisition strategy.“It’s just gonna be another great place where people go, purchase content …it’s the first major film studio, being in Los Angeles, obviously, that is an advantage for us. But we are going after the big studios to help onboard them and make more places where people can spend their Bitcoin,” he said.

Mr. Wilkes confirmed the news about integration:

“We continue to explore innovative new technologies for connecting with next generation consumers, and we’re intrigued by the possibilities offered by bitcoins in our media space.”

Mining Pool reports that this move can be considered as an extension of Lions Gate’s recent olive branches to online viewers. The company is known for its attempts to sue unidentified pirates after the leak of the film Expendable 3  before its release.

So far, the film production studio has also been trying to interact with online viewers. Last year, an online service was launched by Lions Gate. Moreover, the last Robin Williams film’s trailer appears to be launched on SnapChat.

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