550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP

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550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP
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Travel website Travala.com, the so-called AirBnB on the blockchain, now offers to book over 550,000 hotels in 210 countries using Ripple’s XRP token.

When it comes to planning holidays somewhere abroad, most of us turn to such popular services as Booking.com or AirBnB, which allow for booking accomodation of any type, from luxury hotels to separate rooms in rental flats or beds in youth hostels, in any country around the globe. Such services allow for online payments which are well-familiar for the majority of people since bank cards, which allow for instant conversion to any fiat currency available in the world, came into our lives.

But what about those, who tries to keep up with the time and prefer to enjoy their holidays instead of losing significant sums on conversion, while booking accomodation?  Travel website Travala.com, which is commonly reffered to as the AirBnB on the blockchain, is right here to offer such an option.

As it was reported on the Travala.com official web-site on December 14, Ripple’s native XRP has also been successfully added to the platform:

“You can now book 550,000+ hotels in 210 countries using @ripple $XRP. Travel to 82,000+ destinations worldwide.”

This announcement was followed by a similar announcement later the same day when the team at Travala.com mentioned the future intention to include DASH as another cryptocurrency payment method to be implemented into the website, so that to take the total number of crypto-currencies supported by the platform to ten.

The travel website currently accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Binance Coin (BNB), Stellar Lumens (XLM), True USD (TUSD), XRP (XRP), and its own native coin AVA. Despite the platform’s growing success, the AVA token has been unable to escape the general crypto bloodletting of 2018. It currently trades at $0.13, which is 63% lower in comparison to its initial price of of $0.35 in April this year.

Concerning the recent months, which turned out to be difficult times for most crypto assets, it cannot but be mentioned that Ripple’s XRP was one that managed not only to survive, but also to succeed, establishing new significant partnerships and listings. At the beginning of December, the internet payment system Skrill has announced successful adding of XRP to its platform. And a few days later, it was reported that Omni, a rental service company, began active cooperation with Ripple for utilizing XRP to provide customers with better liquidity.

According to Asheesh Birla, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ripple, one of the reasons why XRP continues to grow in such difficult times is the Ripple team’s pragmatism that anti-fiat approach does not work right now:

“We decided to work with financial institutions and I think that has paid off, but you also have to think about all the financial requirements and regulations. In 2013 there was that Bitcoin maxim of “we don’t need any of that. We don’t need government or banks or corporations anymore, just Bitcoin.” That approach doesn’t work. Working with financial institutions and regulators is a longer road, but it’s the right one.”

To learn more about XRP coin, Ripple company and their innovative solutions, please check out our awesome guide.

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