i-House.com and McAfee Coin launch Presale of IHT Token for Real Estate Smart Contract Development

December 14th, 2017 at 11:33 am UTC · 3 min read

McAfee Coin AG (MCF) has announced a strategic partnership with i-house.com to launch a ICO presale of the i-house token (IHT). IHT will be used to develop blockchain for global real estate market. The two companies will jointly promote the real estate application of blockchain to the cryptocurrency/crypto community.

In the global market, the investment of sizeable real estate project is always complex and difficult. Only large asset package can achieve the purpose of asset backed securitization of material real estate through the means of REITs. Investors are eager to make asset transactions easier, more efficient and transparent, especially sizeable real estate investments.

To solve this problem, i-house.com launched IHT, a token by smart contract specialized in the used of splitting real estate ownership and performing transaction. IHT enhances the trust of the mechanism by using the blockchain technology, and has the advantages of great tamper resistance, information transparency, common supervision and traceability.

Through IHT smart contract, large amount of real estate assets can be allocated to and traded by financial institutions, giving users the opportunity to invest with smaller amount of fund and benefit from investment return. In addition, the investment is low-risk and secure, guaranteed by the advanced blockchain technology.

IHT focus on traditional real estate investment tools, such as REITs, so that asset owners can quickly deal with asset ownership and earning rights through a transparent blockchain platform. This process brings several advantages for the users.

Firstly, the scale of real estate investment becomes small-scaled and easier to trade. Secondly, it improves the convenience and liquidity of the transactions. Thirdly, the information is transparent and immutable.

IHT1.0 defines its services in PaaS, namely Protocol-as-a-Service, which provides publishing platform for Asset Tokenize Offering (ATO) and connects to trading platform for the asset side and financial institutions.

At the same time, IHT will move forward and develop into IHT2.0, BaaS, namely Blockchain as a Service, an asset segmentation and management platform for the financial institutions. The final form will evolve into IHT3.0, a financial exchange based on substantial assets to improve the liquidity of physical assets.

At present, IHT is about to enter the presale stage with an upper limit of $35 million. Early stage investors can gain extra benefits at different timeslots. Please refer to the official website www.ihtcoin.com.

McAfee Coin AG provides an integrated, dynamic and distributed social investment platform. McAfee Coin AG provides the first fully funded block chain platform that interfaces directly with Chinese companies.

Its one-stop ICO publishing platform and zero-procedure transactions allow the companies we invest in to expediently tokenize their assets and obtain token liquidity through the exchange.

It is believed that the blockchain technology will continue to expand to various industries. IHT is one of the first innovators who apply the blockchain technology into real estate. With strong partnership with McAfee Coin AG, IHT is expected to achieve great success.