House of Legends Becomes One of the First NFT Projects to Mint From Space – For a Good Cause

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House of Legends Becomes One of the First NFT Projects to Mint From Space – For a Good Cause
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If you were looking to the stars on April 8, 2022, you might have witnessed a remarkable event.

While you probably couldn’t see it, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket performed the first-ever private space mission to the International Space Station (ISS). In a historic breakthrough, the Ax-1 mission took four amateur astronauts to the ISS. But they did not fly there alone. A collection of 30 super rare House of Legends NFTs also went along for the ride. These assets will drop from space into an auction, with all proceeds going towards charity.

Thanks to the collaboration between Ax-1 mission specialist Eytan Stibbe and House of Legends (HOL), underprivileged communities in India and Africa will gain access to clean drinking water. Now, HOL invites everyone, including NFT collectors and traders, to participate in this auction.

This article looks closely at the people behind HOL and the challenges they faced in building this NFT project. Read on to discover how a group of talented Metaverse leaders started from the bottom and reached the stars, literally.

The Rise and Rise of House of Legends NFTs

House of Legends by Meta-Brothers, an  NFT production house responsible for launching world-renowned brands and global artists into the Metaverse.

House of Legends is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection of 9,993 hand-drawn artworks by award-winning Forbes 30-under-30 artist Amit Shimoni. The series celebrates some of the most influential men and women in history and is on a mission to help 1 million people from disadvantaged communities get access to clean water for life. The project comes from the house of Meta-Brothers, a full-service NFT production house specializing in Metaverse strategy and XR technologies.

In 2021, HOL’s genesis collection sold out in under 48 hours, raising $4.8 million. With each NFT sold, HOL donated towards building water wells for 50,000 people in communities across India and Africa.

Tamara Yannay, HOL’s CEO and co-founder, is an experienced NFT entrepreneur who comes from an eclectic background spanning digital marketing and military photojournalism in the Israeli military. Traveling around the world for her job helped Tamara witness the disadvantages of remote communities without access to clean water.

Today, Tamara leads a diverse global team of web3 experts and visionaries to not only build the future of the Metaverse, but to unlock its potential t o make a real-world impact. Alongside her efforts to end the global water crisis, her future plans include exploring clean energy solutions such as solar energy.

HOL’s chief art director, Amit Shimoni, brings his unique talent and vision to the project with his quirky, pop-art interpretations of the world’s most inspiring historical figures. Readers may already know him as the creator of  Hipstory – an award-winning project blending pop-art with history, among other inspiring artworks.

The HOL NFT collection features unique representations of historical leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama. Collectors will also find famous artists, including Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Freddie Mercury, and Leonard Cohen, while present-day celebrities like Oprah and Elon Musk also make an appearance in the collection.

But being an HOL NFT holder not only means owning an uber-cool artwork, it also rewards you with exclusive member benefits, plus The House of Legends NFTs,currently available on OpenSea feature 9,993 items and roughly 2,600 owners. Since its release, it has recorded a trade volume of 1,200 ETH.

The most expensive sale regards a HOL Mona Lisa NFT, which sold for 22 ETH. Currently, you can splash out on the most costly item in the HOL collection, an Elon Musk NFT priced at 2,051 ETH. On the other hand, if you wish to start with a small investment, you can purchase HOL NFTs for 0.04 ETH, the current floor price.

Given the current floor price and growth potential of HOL, now is a good opportunity to join in as an investor and  reap long-term reward and value, while making a tangible social impact as well. Interested buyers can explore the OpenSea House of Legends page with a Coinbase or a MetaMask wallet.

Redefining NFTs For Good

However, thanks to their vision and determination, the initiative quickly caught the interest of their industry peers. In short succession, House of Legends struck strategic partnerships with numerous organizations and entrepreneurs. Its collaborators include important brands in the finance and crypto industries, such as eToro, CryptoDads, DAW, Galaxy Eggs, Soda, The Chameleon Collective, Humans of the Metaverse, and Surreals.

The House of Legends team noticed a scarce presence of NFT projects with tangible impact globally. While many NFT and crypto initiatives publicize their intent of driving some of their proceeds to charity, their actual effect is rarely visible. Tamara and her team want to disrupt this negative trend by making a long-lasting change in the world through every NFT sale.

To this end, HOL teamed up with acclaimed global NGO Drop4Drop to help communities in need across India and Africa access clean water sources. HOL routed all the proceeds from the NFTs’ launch sale towards building water wells in remote African and Indian villages. Thanks to this partnership, 80,000 people obtained lifelong access to potable water.

Furthermore, House of Legends and Drop4Drop ensure that 100% of donations reach building operations for water wells in 6 African countries and India.

Every HOL NFT sale helps people obtain safe and reliable access to clean drinking water. But the benefits for these disadvantaged communities do not end here. A safe water supply provides people with a chance for better health and a lower risk of water-borne diseases. Also, it prevents women and girls from carrying water for miles between natural springs and their homes. Lastly, this initiative supports people in overcoming challenges, building a stronger community, and offering children better education.

House of Legends Reaches the Stars

One of HOL’s most remarkable initiatives is a partnership with Israeli impact investor and philanthropist Eytan Stibbe, who just flew to the International Space Station via Ax-1, the first-ever private space mission.

The “Wish Upon a Star” NFT Series – The First NFTs to “Drop” from Space

House of Legends and Eytan Stibbe teamed up for this historical event to help improve the lives of a million people worldwide. During his stay in space, Stibbe showcased the HOL honorary “Wish Upon a Star” NFT series (WUAS).

For this project, HOL invited children around the world to draw their hopes and dreams for humanity. Then, the team selected 30 of these portrayals and, with Amit Shimoni’s visionary contribution, transformed them into unique NFT artworks. Now, they are more than a child’s play. They are exceptional depictions of the project’s Legends holding the children’s handmade sketches.

While Stibbe will display the NFTs through a tablet in space, the super rare assets will “drop” from the stars straight into an auction on Earth, which will begin once the crew returns from the ISS. All the proceeds from this auction will go towards HOL’s charity initiative to help communities in India and Africa access clean drinking water.

House of Legends is forever grateful to Eytan Stibbe and his immense contribution to this humanitarian cause. Their common objective is to make a tangible change in the lives of millions of people in impoverished areas.

“With HOL and initiatives like WUAS, we aim to show that the NFT phenomenon can be a real and powerful instrument for change,” explains Tamara. “It is not only redefining how we value works of digital artistry, but also how the world supports charitable initiatives for a real-world impact.”

The Rakia-HOL partnership ensures that children’s dreams and hopes do not remain on a piece of paper. Instead, they reach for the stars. Lastly, the NFTs’ drop from space should make a life-changing impact on communities on Earth and inspire future generations to dream big and act for a better world.

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