How Can MetaToys Innovate in the Context of Metaverse Projects Exploding One after Another?

Place/Date: - April 4th, 2022 at 7:48 am UTC · 4 min read
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How Can MetaToys Innovate in the Context of Metaverse Projects Exploding One after Another?

In 2022, the word “Metaverse” came into many people’s vision, and the related words “Gamefi” and “NFT” also became the internet buzzwords this year. Major IPs, brands, and celebrities have entered the Metaverse one after another, many interesting Gamefi and NFT projects have emerged as well, so 2022 is called the first year of Metaverse by many people.

Many interesting projects have emerged this year, while some are difficult to operate for long term due to their poor playability and economic system. It can be seen that, under the background of Metaverse and Gamefi projects exploding, only solve the problems, such as how to improve the economic system, how to make the project has sustainable growth value, and how to make Gamefi have playability, can projects keep developing. At present, there are already many project teams starting to solve these issues, including Metatoys, a Metaverse project launched by MOBIUS GAME.

With a wealth of experience in game planning and production, MetaToys took the first step towards Metaverse by launching their first digital community after months of hard working. What MetaToys wants to to build with their users is a rich, playable, economical and social Metaverse world.

At present, MetaToys has developed four sub-worlds full of creativity, the demo video has been uploaded to Youtube. Holding Genesis NFT can participate in these four interesting games, more sub-world games will be developed later, and finally form a fun and hip Metaverse world.

The economic model of MetaToys is very innovative. Different from the traditional dual-token economic model, MetaToys, based on multiple subworlds, innovatively adopts the coexistence model of governance tokens and multiple game tokens. In other words, there is the only one governance token-MTG in MetaToys, and each game has a different game token. Part of the value of each game token will be attributed to the governance token, thus realizing the multi-value support of the governance token.

Meanwhile, another innovation of Metatoys is the flow of props. It means that props will be produced between different games. Game A can produce the props of Game B, Game B can produce the props of Game C, Game C can produce the props of Game A. This innovative move will not only reduce the pressure of economic operation within the same game, but allow different game players to interact with each other and get better value flow and social experience.

This is rare in the current Metavers projects, which will allow users to enjoy the wonderful rights of asset ownership and truly achieve asset freedom. Moreover, each game of MetaToys has its own gameplay and game tokens, users can acquire game tokens through more channels and have the probability to obtain governance tokens. The following introduction is about the Governance Token of MetaToys.

The Governance Token of MetaToys – MTG (MetaToys Game)

MTG is the only governance token in MetaToys. Holders can participate in the governance of DAO by voting, building community plots and raising NFTs.

MTG can be acquired in the following ways:

  • By participating special activities players can earn MTG.
  • By participating in various ladder competitions in sub-worlds of Meta Toys.
  • By participating in market transactions.
  • By pledging MTG, Meta Toys and their related NFT.
  • By participating in various games in the community.

With the game ecosystem expands, the variety of sub-world tokens will increase. The economic system of the entire Metaverse will become richer and more stable, which guarantees the safety of user assets and also gives MetaToys the characteristics of P2E.

Decentralized CryptoWorld remains the core fundamental principle of MetaToys, officials expect that more users around the world will become a part of the community to experience the advantages of digital asset ownership and benefit from it.

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