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“Human Civilization Exploration” – BetaMars Officially Launches in February

January 19th, 2022 at 10:30 am UTC · 9 min read

Human Civilization Exploration - BetaMars Officially Launches in February

BetaMars, a metaverse project themed on “Human Civilization Exploration”, has received investment from Kryptos, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, Pluto Capital in less than one month since its disclosure. The gameplay mechanism rooted in human nature has also gained wide attention from metaverse track. Planning to officially launch in February, the popularity of BetaMars clearly shows no sign of waning but increasing.

A major reason for BetaMars development is that its gameplay mechanisms enhance game experience and emotional closeness for players. Based on published information, this article analyzes the main gameplay mechanisms of BetaMars project: Exploitation, Revolution, Tax, and other possible derivative mechanisms. It is expected to provide help for players to make an early arrangement.

Deeper Understanding of BetaMars Gameplay Mechanisms

BetaMars terms explanations:

Lords: players who light up corresponding land with their Land NFTs.

Miners: players who enter BetaMars world with their Ticket NFTs.

Land NFT: BetaMars land NFT is a BEP- 721 token issued on BSC. The total initial issuance of Land NFT is 10,000 pieces. Each NFT contains a Elonpunk pool, which is revenue source of players.

Elonpunk Solidity: Initial solidity of Elonpunk Pool is the inherent property of BetaMars Land NFT, and its value is related to the land acreage and coordinates. Different lands have different solidities. Lords can increase Elonpunk solidity by consuming Revo.

Rage Pool: Both Lords and Miners can stake Revo into the Rage Pool to facilitate the achievement of the Great Revolution. Once the Great Revolution successes, all Elonpunk Pool will be destroyed. When the conditions of the Great Revolution triggering are not met, the staked Revo can be redeemed. When the conditions of the Great Revolution are met and a hash collision is performed, the staked Revo will be in an unredeemable state, and the Rage Pool no longer accepts new Revo stakes. After the outbreak of the Great Revolution, all Revo in the Rage Pool will be destroyed.

Three Gameplay Mechanisms – Build a Decentralized Metaverse Ecological Civilization

Exploitation Mechanism – Exploitation and Rebellion in Class Struggles

As two major classes in the BetaMars world, Lords who own land will naturally lead to conflicts with Miners with no land in the Exploitation mechanism.

With Exploitation mechanism, Lords can exploit Miners to obtain daily revenues generated from Elonpunk of Land NFT while Miners have to engage in this mechanism to win revenues. For Miners, Exploitation mechanism is also an important way to obtain the main token Elonpunk and the sub-token Revo. (Staking Revo at the Rage Pool can destroy the Elonpunk pool, which is Miners’ strength to resist Lords)

Exploitation mechanism is closely related to interests of both Miners and Lords. It is the driving force behind cooperation and resistance among them. Setting different Exploitation Values for Miners, the Lords can maximize their interests.

Guesses about the Purpose of Setting Exploitation Mechanism:

  1. To reflect the real society. The proletariat, as an essential part of developing society, has long been oppressed by the bourgeoisie and has never obtained equivalent benefits for a long time. There is also class exploitation in the BetaMars world!
  2. To provide means for Miners to resist Lords. Revo helps Miners to resist exploitation. In BetaMars, the Miner can destroy the Elonpunk pool by staking Revo in the Rage Pool against exploitation.
  3. To promote BetaMars world construction. During real civilization development, the uneven distribution of interests caused by the exploitation of the bourgeoisie is the main reason for major contradictions in society. There have been several revolutions in history, each changing the unfair world rules. And when the Lord continues to exploit Miners, the Miners can gather to initiate a revolution to reformulate rules of the world and build a dream homeland.

Tax Mechanism – Impetus for BetaMars World Construction

Tax Mechanism infinitely expands tax dividends, thus promoting cooperation and gambling among players. It is also the driving force for Lords and Miners to build the BetaMars World! 

 Participants: Lords, Miners, BetaMars

Beneficiaries: Lords and Miners who stake Revo at the Rage pool

Tax, as an important incentive in the BetaMars world, is closely linked to every participant. In BetaMars, Elonpunk will be equitably distributed to each player through Tax mechanism. It is tax dividends that motivates Lords and Miners to build the BetaMars 1.0 world.

Core of Tax Mechanism – Tax Pool

BetaMars will charge an additional 10% + N% (Initial Value N=0, Maximum=50) basic tax from the Elonpunk Pool output, which will be executed by the contract and invested in the Tax Pool. When it meets the triggering conditions of the Great Revolution, tax will change N value according to the result of the hash collision of the Great Revolution. N value will increase by 1% if the Great Revolution fails.

In the 2.0 stage, BetaMars will put 70% of the daily BetaMars ticket income as an additional reward into the Tax Pool. This long-term incentive policy will allow the Lords to shoulder their management responsibilities in the BetaMars world and promote the orderly development of the BetaMars 1.0 world.

Currently, Tax mechanism contains two tax dividend rules:

  1. Daily Tax Dividends: Tax Pool will reward a 40% of dividends to all the Lords who burns Revo at the Tax Pool (only Lords are allowed to burn Revo in the Tax Pool).
  2. The Great Revolution Tax Dividends: Excessive exploitation entitles Miners to initiate the Great Revolution to destroy Elonpunk pool of Lords and reformulate the world’s rules. When the Great Revolution is triggered in the BetaMars World, all the tax balance will be divided up by participants who stake Revo in the Rage Pool (both Lords and Miners can stake Revo in the Rage Pool).

 Guesses about the Purpose of Setting Tax Mechanism

  1. To increase the value of Revo in circulation. The 10% + N% basic tax is the biggest variable in Tax mechanism. When the N value reaches 50%, the Tax Pool will be expanded greatly. At that time, Revo will determine the biggest beneficiary in BetaMars. How can Lords get most Revo from Miners? How can Miners hold on to their Revo? All this will be highlights of Tax mechanism.
  2. To promote the world’s development. Both Lords and Miners want to obtain the dividends of the tax pool. When the tax pool is large enough, it will trigger revolutions in the BetaMars world. If the revolution succeeds, more land will be issued and more Land NFTs will be lit up, expanding the world map. After that, BetaMars civilization will be further developed!
  3. To generate more strategic combinations. Tax mechanism triggers conflicts of interest between classes. Since Lords can only purchase Revo from the secondary market of Miners, Miners are likely to gather to raise the Revo price. Meanwhile, Lords can gather to trigger Revolution gameplay in advance to exploit Miners for maximum benefits.

Revolution Mechanism – Way of Promoting Revolution in BetaMars World

As the core gameplay, Revolution is an essential way for class and social changes for BetaMars, a metaverse project themed on “world civilization construction”.

Revolution includes two modes: the Small Revolution and the Great Revolution.

The Small Revolution

Daily output of each Elonpunk Pool will be ranked in descending order. Small Revolutions will break out on N lands that yield the least.

Once the Small Revolution succeeds, all the Elonpunk Pools will be destroyed, and a new area of land will be open for sale. The Solidity of the Elonpunk Pool in the new area is equal to the initial Solid of the destroyed Elonpunk Pool (the same area).

The Great Revolution

With Revolution Mechanism, BetaMars brings an opportunity for every player to change the world. The excessive exploitation will force Miners to gather to resist Lords and reestablish world’s rules through Revolution, thus realizing the equal distribution of benefits in the BetaMars world.

Achievement Conditions

When the staked Revo in Rage Pool reaches 30% of the total Elonpunk Pool balance, there is a possibility to trigger hash collision. Once the hash collision is successful, the Great Revolution will be triggered. If not, the N value will change.


All the Elonpunk Pool will be destroyed, and a new area of lands will be open for sale. Staked Revo in the Rage Pool will be destroyed. Elonpunk in the Tax Pool will be divided up according to the stake proportion.

Guesses about the Purpose of Setting Revolution Mechanism

  1. To intensify conflicts between Lords and Miners. In the BetaMars world, the Lords may continue to exploit Miners to obtain the greatest benefits. Then the Revolution Mechanism works. It helps Miners fight against Lords. The excessive exploitation forces Miners to gather to initiate a revolution and the success revolution gives rise to new rules.
  2. To find out the bottom of human nature. Facing excessive exploitation, will the proletariat choose to endure or resist? Revolution mechanism makes players choose freely, that is, Miners can sell Revo at a profit or save Revo to defend against the injustice of the world. This is also a human nature test for players.
  3. To build a decentralized world. Changing the world requires the strength of a group of people. With oppression ahead, only unity can players change the rules of the world. That’s the Revolution mechanism.

Generally, BetaMars is fundamentally different from the current P2E game projects on the market. It is a strategic metaverse project with Exploitation, Revolution, and Tax mechanisms. The three mechanisms not only enhance the reward system but also trigger contradictions between Lords and Miners in the game. At the same time, more strategies will be derived for players to build the BetaMars world. Different gameplay generates various complex strategic combinations, leaving players a vast land to explore and making the BetaMars world full of imagination.

 Similarly, the BetaMars World Brings Every Participant Opportunity to Change the World!

The change of the world requires collective strength. One single person cannot change the BetaMars world, but a group of people can do by forming a DAO. When the bourgeoisie continues to oppress the proletariat, the proletariat gather to form a DAO autonomous community. When the DAO community reaches an agreement, the old world will be overturned, and the new world will be built. Then the class will be changed and the rules of distribution of interests will be reformulated.

BetaMars provides every player with the opportunity to change the world. In the face of an unfair world, people may be powerless. But in BetaMars, people don’t have to endure silently. What they need is only the courage to defend against injustice.

There is no doubt that BetaMars is an imaginative project.



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