Hybrid Social Networking App UHIVE Announces Initial Token Distribution Event

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Hybrid Social Networking App UHIVE Announces Initial Token Distribution Event
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UHIVE is the first app that aims to change the social networking experience by combining both centralized and decentralized worlds within one platform.

Social media is a big sector. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are all the rage. Yet, these platforms are centralized and apart from simply connecting people online they offer little human interaction.

Introducing UHIVE

UHIVE describes itself as a blockchain-based social media platform that combines human psychology with decentralized technology to deliver a whole new level of user experience. Designed entirely from scratch, the platform combines the best of centralized and decentralized models of social media, giving users a variety of options and unique support. UHIVE, which has been under development within the last four years, is offering two different areas of interaction, called the Civilized and the Grey World.

A Tale of Two Worlds

The Civilized World, as its name suggests, is all about being civilized on the platform. There is a set of rules and regulations that users must abide by. This world will have a centralized structure, where users have profiles with their personal information and interests. The Grey World is an anonymous unregulated decentralized area where users can freely express their opinions, create private and closed groups.

In this world, everyone is anonymous and nothing links the groups and people, what lets users to stumble upon things by chance. So, using the Grey World is like exploring an uncharted territory.

The platform is also the first of its kind that is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence. Mr Muayyad Shehahdeh, UHIVE’s CEO, has described the function of the AI:

“Evaluate spaces based on traffic, audience engagement and affinity, and create a thriving “real estate” scenery, which individuals and businesses can take advantage for promotional purposes, or flip in exchange of lucrative payments in UHIVE tokens.”

UHIVE is providing substantial advantages to influencers, advertisers and consumers, thus changing digital marketing. Brands can now reach their target audience by choosing UHIVE’s influencers and select spaces with high amount of traffic.

Tokenizing the UHIVE Platform

UHIVE has a very different approach to how the services and actions on the platform will be monetized. The platform will be powered by its own token, the UHIVE (HVE). The token runs a well-designed and self-sustaining economy, where active users will be awarded the significant portion of token, like salaries, on a monthly basis. This will strengthen customer loyalty, lead to higher user activity, and eventually drive the token’s growth.

Initial Token Generation Event

Keeping in mind that the economy is self-driving, the platform is releasing a very limited number of coins to balance the supply against predicted demand. The initial TGE is already going on, ending on 30th of April, 2018. A maximum of 3,000,000,000 HVE will be available during the event. The HVE tokens are available at $0.0015 = 1 HVE.

This will be followed by its main sale that will give a total of 14,000,000,000 HVE. It will be launched on May 2, 2018, and is planned to finish on July 15, 2018. Overall, 80,000,000,000 HVE will be issued, including the tokens that will be later available on exchanges.

UHIVE is also offering bonus tokens to users who join UHIVE’s Telegram group and remain a member till the conclusion of its main event. The bonus varies from 1,000 HVE to 10,000 HVE.

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