One-Stop Crypto Financial Platform CoinMetro Runs Airdrop Campaign for Loyal Users

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
One-Stop Crypto Financial Platform CoinMetro Runs Airdrop Campaign for Loyal Users
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Following a largely successful crowdsale, CoinMetro is now welcoming users to take part in its airdrop campaign to receive future benefits for many years to come.

For every large firm in the world, the success is not defined by just giving good services to its users, but by developing good relationships with them. CoinMetro’s team, the one behind the traditional forex broker FXPIG, knows how important customers are to any business. They believe in treating customers not just as customers, but as partners in trade.

Friendly Platform, Friendly Gifts

For CoinMetro, their success largely depends on its users, who are an integral part of the story. An effect of this policy is that the decentralized platform just ran an airdrop campaign where early backers and new entrants were allowed to participate, giving away free XCM, the internal token of the crypto metropolis.

The platform has recently completed its token distribution event that included an extension of the time due to overwhelming response from backers. The event saw 120,000,000 XCM grabbed up at discounted rates by more than 7,000 backers, netting in more than EUR 12,000,000.

The platform acknowledged the trust people had shown and decided to give it back to the community through free XCM give away that will offer 68 XCM tokens to its qualified supporters. The company believes the giveaway will help to reach wider awareness and gain more users.

XCM Airdrop Campaign

The registration for the airdrop is a very simple affair. Users need to join the Telegram group of CoinMetro and request a password from the admins. By logging into the CoinMetro account, users will then need to click the airdrop button, where they will enter the password to claim the tokens. Users who have backed the initial and the main token generation event are automatically qualified to take part, but for new users, they must donate 1 XCM, 0.1 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 0.03 LTC or 0.05 BCH to be eligible.

The airdrop is for the ETCF sub platform of CoinMetro (to be launched later this year). Qualified people will receive the XCM when the crypto fund trade goes live. The tokens must be kept in the ETCF for a minimum of three months. The last date for the airdrop campaign is the 15th of April. Besides, the participants must comply with the standard KYC and AML requirements. Previous backers are already verified, but new users need to go through the process, which will take around a month. Airdrop tokens will be transferred to users’ wallets from the 20th of June to the 1st of July.

Airdrop Family

Apart from the current generous campaign, the platform is also giving a chance to users to become a part of the CoinMetro Airdrop Family. The first 10,000 users (with a minimum of 0.1 ETH in donation) will become a permanent part of the family and will be automatically qualified for all future airdrop campaigns.

With this, CoinMetro becomes one the foremost decentralized platforms that is not only allowing backers to make profit from investing in their XCM tokens, but engaging them in their services and promotional campaigns, developing a close knit community, much like a family.

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