ICO All-in: Token Sales Ratings System Aims to Instill Confidence in Contributors

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
ICO All-in: Token Sales Ratings System Aims to Instill Confidence in Contributors

ICO All-In, a comprehensive rating system, will stress out trustworthy ICOs from a wide variety of doubtful ones to help contributors make the right choice.

While more and more new cryptocurrency platforms appear on the market supplementing a wide range of already existing ones, it is becoming harder and harder for a user to distinguish, which token sales are genuine and trustworthy and which are a bad bet or simply scams to be avoided at all costs.

ICO All-In is right here to solve this problem. Having been recently announced in Hong Kong, ICO All-In offers an all-new rating system helping users to find reputable token sales by stressing them out among the myriad of doubtful ones.

Countless blockchain-based platforms have flooded the Internet in recent years, all proclaiming themselves to be the next market leaders and making grand claims about how they will revolutionize the cryptocurrency sphere and even change the world. Although the information about each of them seems to be well-supported by a range of facts and promises, the reality is likely to be quite different.

Company websites are often very slick and packed with information, but it is very problematic for a beginner to distinguish, which token is really worth to be backed. The technical jargon in whitepapers can seem indecipherable, full of extravagant boasts about game-changing technologies and systems.

Even if the developers are genuine and competent and their plan seems viable, a whole host of other issues may negatively impact the user experience once the token sale is over. Competition from rival platforms, regulations, limited choice of exchange options and poor marketing are all potential pitfalls.

ICO All-in is a comprehensive rating system, which assesses multiple factors to determine, whether a certain cryptocurrency is likely to give a good return or not. The platform was created by experts from both the blockchain world and the finance industry, with an aim to provide users with a single, reliable and wide-ranging source of information on current and future token sales.

Each sale is allocated a rating in the form of a letter, thereby meaning that a participant can make an reasonable choice when it comes to decide what to buy. The ranking ‘A’ would indicate a potential competitor to Bitcoin/Ethereum, with ‘E’ flagging up fraud or deception and ‘U’ meaning unrated.

The platform takes a holistic approach to ratings by using a combination of cryptocurrency rating (size of project etc.), sales evaluation (data collected from official and third-party sources) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Cryptocurrency startups can submit information regarding their platform to ICO All-in via a simple form on the company’s website. Once the information has been scrutinized by the ICO All-in team, the platform is assigned a rating. Users can check out the platform in the Upcoming/In Progress section and back the project directly with accepted tokens. Another benefit is that ICO All-in users will be able to gain entry to private sales that they would otherwise not be able to access.

If ICO All-in can popularize a simple, convenient and efficient means of evaluating whether a cryptocurrency platform and its associated token sale is worth contributing to, it has the potential to be a hit with both individual backers and larger organizations wishing to profit.

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